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Madonna is not satisfied with the live version of "Spanish Lesson", so she decided to shelve it AS OF NOW. also heard that Madonna is currently testing a cover of Anita Ward's "Ring My Bell" to replace "Spanish Lesson" after "Buenos Aires". Let's wait and see if this cool idea will make the final setlist!

Another song has been shelved as of now. "Ray Of Light" - which was originally part of the Rock/Guitar section - is now out of the tentative setlist.

"Give It 2 Me" is being rehearsed the same way as in the Hard Candy Promo Tour, but obviously with different outfits.

Besides "Spanish Lesson", the only other "Hard Candy" track that is not being used as of now in the tentative setlist - neither as a video interlude nor as a live performance - is 'Incredible'.

Keep in mind that everything is subject to changes, so stay tuned!

Source: Drowned Madonna

Thanks To Lukau13 for the graphic!

13 Responses to "Sticky & Sweet Tour: Latest Exclusive Details from the NYC Rehearsals"

  1. greg. Said,

    thank God she shelved Spanish Lessons...the worst track of her carier!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Another rock section? This is unnecessary after Drowned World and Confessions. 10 songs from Hard Candy is too much as well. She also needs to take that ridiculous choreography out of Give It 2 Me, when she's shuffling around on her knees.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    i agree with anonymous above...10 songs are way too much...more old hits, please! give it 2 me choreopgraphy was pretty weak so i hope they re-vamp it completely for the tour. i want to hear these songs: borderline, dress you up, open your heart, cherish & beautiful stranger.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    yay! Spanish Lesson is the worst song ever period! heheheh... Im glad she took that off. Yes, Give it 2 me needs a revamp, big time! And for the love of Kabbalah, Madonna needs to go to Asia...maybe Australia?


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Comment #2 just says it all!!! SO VERY TRUE! The Choreography to Give It 2 Me better not be the same from the promo tour...yikes!!! She's so way better than that and she better give it 2 us! =)


  6. Anonymous Said,

    hope warner music will release the Re-Invention Tour DVD..... also.... wish Madonna will have tour to South East Asia...


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Like my Madonna's going to pay any attention to your bitchin'

    Good luck with your expectations on the tour. I'll rather go with an open mind instead of a list "to dos" from Madonna.

    People will never learn...


  8. thabeatgoeson Said,

    am i the only person in the world who loves spanish lesson.


  9. Sylar Said,

    Nooooo! I love it too! I hope she'll ditch Dance 2night and use Spanish Lesson instead.


  10. Anonymous Said,

    Please ditch Dance Tonight, that one live would be quite boring actually. Also glad Spanish Lesson is out. Her vocal is terrible on that number - imagine that live - hideous!


  11. Anonymous Said,

    the get stupid part in give it to me i thought was great. the dancing was great/ it does not need to be changed, maybe spiked up a lil but thats it!


  12. thabeatgoeson Said,

    i really hope she performs theif of hearts and nothing really matters!!


  13. Tomi Luka Said,

    Spanish Lesson is her worst song ever.

    Wanna hear Rescue Me live!


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