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One of the sections begins with a musical intro from the "Topkapi" movie which lands to "Buenos Aires" from the "Evita" soundtrack. A suitcase choreography ending with ensable cast is being considered. "Buenos Aires" is currently followed by "Spanish Lesson".

Surprisingly "She Is Not Me" is being rehearsed linked with "My Name Is Not Susan".

The 2008 version of "Everybody" features a heavy SKD sample.

A beautiful guitar and voice version of "Secret" is being considered.

"La Isla Bonita" is closing a section which is currently dedicated to India, with Bollywood style music and choreography.

An "Holiday" intro is being considered for "4 Minutes".

A lot of oldies are being rehearsed, many of them totally reworked.

A controversial screen video by Steven Klein ends one of the sections.

So far 4 video screens are being considered, one of them is the opening of the show.

Source: Drowned Madonna

Thanks To Lukau13 for the graphic!

6 Responses to "Sticky & Sweet Tour: Exclusive details from the first steps of the rehearsals"

  1. Charlie Said,


    Why Spanish Lesson Madge?! Its the worst song in the album!! Why dont u sing Ray of Light or Dont Tell Me instead?! Whatever except that!!


  2. thabeatgoeson Said,

    don't listen to charlie. spanish lesson is one of my favourite songs on hard candy!!!!.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    i love spanish lesson and im happy its still in there thank god!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    ugh, enough with La Isla Bonita! it was cute and shit back in 2001 but still beating that dead horse track? unbelievable!


  5. glande Said,

    i don't like spanish lesson: the worst song in the album!
    better spanish eyes: do you remember it?


  6. Anonymous Said,

    what is wrong with you all?
    spanish lesson is a great song. Would love to hear this on the tour.
    However, i dont know why all her old stuff has to be reworked. They are classics and sound just fine the old way!


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