Tickets to see Madonna and ''I Am Because We Are'' hot on eBay

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, June 21, 2008
Tickets for Madonna’s appearance at the Traverse City Film Festival sold out quickly this month. But it turns out, there are still some tickets left - on eBay.

Several sellers on eBay are pawning passes to the Aug. 2 screening of the Material Girl’s new film, ’’I Am Because We Are.’’

As of this morning, two tickets to ’’the most sought after event of the year’’ were going for $3,625, while another pair was going for $3,550.

And yes, people are bidding at those prices.

Six bids in another auction drove up the price to $1,825 on another pair.

’’This is such a great opportunity for any fan to not only see this movie with Madonna herself, but there is also an opportunity to ask questions and even meet her,’’ the seller from Sterling Heights wrote.

The theater seats about 540 people.

Tickets originally sold for $25 each.

Source: The Bay City Times (found on Drowned Madonna)

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