Entertainment Weekly's "50 Pop Culture Moments That Rocked Fashion"

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, June 21, 2008

Madonna hits another poll on Entertainment Weekly: 50 Pop Culture Moments That Rocked Fashion.

1. Madonna at the MTV Video Music Awards (1984)

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1. Madonna at the MTV Video Music Awards (1984)
2. Sarah Jessica Parker in the opening credits of Sex and the City (1998)
3. Michael Jackson in the ’’Thriller’’ video (1983)
4. Sharon Stone at the Oscars (1996)
5. Kurt Cobain and grunge style (1991)
6. Mr. T’s gold chains in The A-Team (1983)
7. Amy Winehouse’s frocks, bold bras, and sky-high bouffant (2007)
8. The best red carpet dress: Jennifer Lopez at the Grammys (2000)
9. The worst red carpet dress: Björk at the Oscars (2001)
10. Jennifer Aniston’s haircut, The Rachel, on Friends (1994)
11. Britney Spears as a schoolgirl in ’’...Baby One More Time’’ (1998)
12. Calista Flockhart’s skirts on Ally McBeal (1997)
13. Tom Cruise’s Ray-Bans and tighty whities in Risky Business (1983)
14. Puff Daddy and Mase’s bright tracksuits in ’’Mo Money Mo Problems’’ (1997)
15. Designer wares in Clueless (1995)
16. Courtney Love’s vintage slip dresses, Mary Janes, and home-grown dye jobs (1995)
17. The leather trenches and Neo-style shades in The Matrix (1999)
18. Julia Roberts’ Rodeo Drive shopping spree in Pretty Woman (1990)
19. Janet Jackson’s military look in ’’Rhythm Nation’’ (1989)
20. Marky Mark’s underwear(1991)

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