Memoir coming from Madonna's brother

Posted by Sylar On Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Madonna's brother, Christopher Ciccone, is writing a memoir about his sister, to be released in mid-July by Simon & Schuster with a first printing of 350,000, the publisher told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

The publisher had been promoting a celebrity memoir for July, asking bookstores to order copies without identifying the author or contents.

Persuading stores to make "blind orders" has been tried before. In 2006, William Morrow offered a mysterious tell-all that turned out to be by Princess Diana's former butler Paul Burrell, who had already written about her. Retailers were angered and the book sold poorly.

Source: The Associated Press (found on Madonna Tribe)

3 Responses to "Memoir coming from Madonna's brother"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    So much for the guy who wanted to be his own man and not answer tons of questions about his sister! Just credit the Associated Press. So much time is wasted worrying about other sites and their lame insecurities.


  2. joe*to*hell Said,

    he has HUGE balls. biting the hand that fed.



  3. Anonymous Said,

    This is a disgrace. Whatever may have happened between the two is neither here nor there. He worked on 2 of her tours and will have been paid accordingly. Now to dish the dirt on his own sister is quite sickening and simply smacks of cold-eyed revenge. He may well earn plenty of money from this book, but I don't think it will make him happy, as if he was, he wouldn't have written it in the first place. And even more people will ask him about Madonna now, so he'll be even less of his own person than he already felt that he was.

    Karma can be very cruel.


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