Live Nation response about Madonna tour in Japan and Australia

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Quoting from Drowned Madonna:

Our reader Joseph from Sidney contacted Live Nation about Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour in Japan or Australia.

Here is the response from Live Nation:

"Hello Joseph, and thank you for your enquiry.

Unfortunately, there is no plan for her to play either Japan or Australia this time out. The tour schedule is Europe and North America, and has been set."
Source: Drowned Madonna

4 Responses to "Live Nation response about Madonna tour in Japan and Australia"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Bad move Madge. We may have forgiven you once...twice maybe. But after four promises, seems you're not such a lady of your word after all.

    What a disappointment, what a total lack of respect for a country that has always warmed to your music.

    Guess we'll see what happens with your Australian fans this time round, but I think you're about to lose a lot of adoring fans.


  2. Chris Said,

    Maybe you should write this on her
    Myspace page?

    I am really sad for U guys in Australia :(

    Chris (Germany).


  3. Brad Said,

    I agree with the first anonymous comment - she is going to lose her Australian fanbase after her fourth broken promise. Does she seriously think we will continue to be her fans when she treats the entire country with such disdain and contempt? I would prefer she stopped selling her music here as what is the point of buying her albums and yet can never see her live?
    I've flown overseas before to see her shows but not this time. Too little (as in none), too late, you old woman


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I to am dissapointed in this shallow move buy her to keep us wanting before the new hard candy CD was out, once out, the answer is NO. bad move MADONNA. The AUstralian public are far to down to earch for such a shallow move, and you will suffer with a dramatic fall in your fan base. I have followed you for 25 years have every CD and every DVD have flown overseas to see you, But can you come and see us again NO. you just look after the amerivan market, that you have done so so so many times, what about the rest of the world that buy your CD's and other goods to make you a rich person, it's time you gave back .

    David H


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