Madonna Interview On Directing W.E.

Posted by PlayBeyond On Saturday, December 24, 2011
"What Madonna wants Madonna usually gets. So it came as something of a shock for the diva to be told she couldn’t do exactly what she wanted as she embarked on directing the film of a story that had fascinated her for years.

“I had to learn to deal with disappointment gracefully,” she recalls. “Every day I heard the word no a thousand times. 'No, that can’t happen. No, we don’t have time for that. No, that’s too expensive. No, no, no.’ Trying to work with those kinds of restrictions and being creative too is a real challenge.”

 She surmounted the challenge and the result is W.E., a lavish depiction of the love affair between Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson set against the backdrop of the auction of items from their estate and told in conjunction with the story of Wally Winthrop, a contemporary New York woman who is obsessed with the life of the Duchess of Windsor, through whom she lives vicariously."

Read the full interview at The Telegraph

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