Rumor: Diagram Of The Heart working on Madonna’s New Album?

Posted by Sylar On Monday, February 28, 2011

Diagram Of The Heart are in the running to work with Madonna on an album after she heard their track Dead Famous.
Kye Sones said: “We’ve jumped at the chance. Hopefully I can take her for a drink after, she’s still hot.” In your eyes.
Source: The Sun

12 Responses to "Rumor: Diagram Of The Heart working on Madonna’s New Album?"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Mmmm, no.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    come on, it's not that bad....the vocals were nice


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Sounds promising. The stakes are high tough!


  4. zak london Said,

    god people moan when she goes mainstream and then moan when she may take a risk, i reakon the next albul will be a massive come back for her


  5. Anonymous Said,

    "Not that bad" isn't good enough. This sounds like a watered down version of popular music from the last few years. The only moaning should come from people who question nothing and never think for themselves.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    doesn't sound that original. pretty bland.pass on that


  7. Trey Said,

    Again, Not bad, but not original. I hope for more. That is all.


  8. Anonymous Said,

    This is my new favorite song and that video was pretty kiss ass. Someone said or alot of people once said nothing is original anymore everythig is borrowed. Think about it when we create it comes from the subconcious of or minds from our experiences. People we have known, things we have seen, heard. So can we really say wha we produce is original. Think about that. That was an amazing track. Full of deep lyrics, it had heart, was huantingly touching. Dance along with industrial are two of my favorite genres and if you are going to do a dance track then the best ones are ones that hit your heart and soul. Have a deep message and is on a grand scale. Apocalyptic. This song told a beautiful story a beautiful emotion. Screw you people who trash amazing art. Oh and btw Erotica And Bedtimes stories are Madonnas best work :-P


  9. Anonymous Said,

    I think the song is ok, but you can't go by just this one track...Madonna knows her sound and she will add her magic touch to the mix. That's if she even puts out anything she does with these guys. Madonna best albums are Erotica & Ray Of Light :P


  10. Anonymous Said,

    I do like their music, specially If I Were You, but don't know if that's enough for Madge


  11. Anonymous Said,

    I'm suspicious this might be a PR scam to try and get DOTH some publicity? Still, it' more original than working with Timbaland or Pharrell. My cat made a record with Timbaland the other day and my nan's booked in the week after! On principle though, working with unknowns is a far better idea, and a rock/electro/pop record would be far more credible than another 'Madonna goes urban' album.


  12. Anonymous Said,

    LMAO to the Madonna goes urban remark. Yeah I suggest she stay away from high profiled names you know that can actually be a detriment.


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