Tom Hardy on meeting Madonna

Posted by Sylar On Sunday, August 01, 2010

British actor Tom Hardy was so starstruck after meeting Madonna on the set of Rocknrolla, he hid in a car to escape the pop superstar.

“She left me starstruck. I did what anyone who can’t deal with the situation does: I went and hid in the Range Rover.

“I was sort of prepping for the scene in there and someone said hello to me and it was her – she’d somehow managed to get into the back of it!

“Then we had a conversation, which I’ve completely blacked out because there she was like the Mother Mary in the boot (back) of the f**king Range Rover and I was completely starstruck.”

But Hardy insists he wasn’t attracted to the star: “She’s just someone’s mum to me and she looks like a ghost. I didn’t see her as a sexual creature. There was a time when I really would’ve gone there but since (she appeared in) the Justin Timberlake video, leaping over cars and things, I just think: ‘Enough now.’”

Source: ContactMusic

7 Responses to "Tom Hardy on meeting Madonna"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Who's Tom Hardy?


  2. Anonymous Said,

    yeah who the f is Tom Hardy? whatever such an f-ing asshole! "enough"? what the f- is that? lets see whose career will last longer Tom?


  3. Anonymous Said,

    1) Who the hell is Tom Hardy?
    2) It wasn't the Justin Timberlake video, it was the Madonna video (featuring Justin Timberlake).
    3) What an asshole.


  4. Lickaiotapus Said,

    Tom Hardy wasn't bad mouthing her, to him Madonna jumping over cars with Justin was not apeasing.... Other wise He had nice things to say about her....


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna is unique, even in her 50's she's really charismatic! Tom Hardy seems just a little pretty face like other thousands. I wouldn't sleep with is mother either, because she made a terrible job. I mean what a rude motherfucker!


  6. lickaiotapus Said,

    Tom Hardy wasn't being rude, he's not into MILF's is what he said.... And he is entitled to his opinion.... Plus Tom Hardy's publicist just said that the whole article was taking out of context.... He was ask what did Madonna look like, he said a Ghost had noting to do with her complexion. He meant that she is larger than life and to him it was like a ghost in the car, it was too surreal for him....


  7. Anonymous Said,

    if Madonna wanted him...she would have had him and he KNOWS it.


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