Britney plays Madonna in Glee episode

Posted by Sylar On Friday, August 20, 2010

10-08-20-britney-madonna-gleeBritney Spears had big shoes to fill while filming her upcoming guest appearance in Glee – she played the part of Madonna in a recreation of the pair’s Me Against The Music video.

The Toxic hitmaker will be the centre of attention on the hit musical show when it returns for a second season, with a full episode dedicated to her music, and she began shooting her cameo role this week.

During the second day of filming on Thursday, Spears donned a white trouser suit similar to the outfit worn by the Material Girl for the promo of their collaborative 2003 track, while Heather Morris, who plays Glee member Brittany, took Spears’ part in the re-imagining.

Source: Contact Music

11 Responses to "Britney plays Madonna in Glee episode"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Britney & Madonna <33333


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Britney sucks!!! F_____g cow!


  3. A1 Said,

    britney is about 0.00000000000343 as good as Madonna, and thats on a good day!


  4. Trey Said,

    Never been a fan of Britney (actually I liked "gimme more"). I am still shocked that she is still around. Either way, she doesn't seem worthy to me of having an episode of Glee dedicated to her. With all the celebrity appearances and "dedication" episodes which should have stopped with M for a VERY long time, this show is going to die a very un-needed early death.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Besides the fact that Britney dosent write her own songs and possibly really cant sing or dance anymore... I still love her. She was americas sweet heart for a long time untill they tried to kill her. Did anyone see that south park episode about it LMAO. So screw you haters. I hope she continues to make music and be successful no matter what you people say she is famous everyone knows her name and she has alot more money and opportunity than probably all you other people never will. And at least shes down to earth unlike these other celebrities Rhihanna and Christina Aguielera Mariah Carey who think they are gifts from God or something. She is humble, sweet, and despite what people say puts out some good pop songs and obviously people like it or she would never have been as famous and stil in the game. I wish her all the best and for the show glee as well.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Oh and P.S. Madonna likes Britney too so take that fuckers.


  7. Trey Said,

    Thanks Anonymous 1650 and 1651

    You have really opened my eyes to the brilliance of Britney.


  8. A1 Said,

    easy tiger... Britney aint bad, she just aint always very good!


  9. TinkerTenor Said,

    Britney is a very talented girl, and if we've learned anything from other such troubled talents (Liza comes to mind although I am not comparing their talents so please lets not get into that), its that there is no depth from which you cannot rise again.

    I'd like to think that Madonna likes her for the same reason that I do - she works hard and she's no quitter. Think of what she's been through emotionally/professionally and then kept on coming anyway. I admire her strength considering how many people close to her have ended up just hurting her or taking unfair advantage of her.

    Here's hoping the episode is great and is great for her - I've always enjoyed her music and am a big fan of her dancing. She's very young still, and I'm sure if she tried hard enough and had the right support she could make a full recovery - and come back stronger than yesterday. ;-)


  10. Trey Said,

    I never said anything bad about britney, I just don't care for her music and don't get why she is so popular. That's it and that's all. I don't give a fuck if Madonna likes her or not. I don't have to be fan just because M is. To each their own.


  11. Anonymous Said,

    Well alot of people dont like Madonna and they wonder why we are fans. You said it. Exactly... to each their own. Its peoples opinions and preferences and obviously alot of people like who she is and what she does that is why she is famous Trey.


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