Madonna on the set of W.E.

Posted by Sylar On Friday, July 16, 2010

37875_442684185338_72928245338_6595877_2399479_n35251_442343310338_72928245338_6587354_4559271_n Madonna on the London set of her first ever feature-length film about the British royal family. The film, W.E, is a romantic drama about the affair between Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII.

Sources: London Evening Standard, All About Madonna, News Of Madonna

12 Responses to "Madonna on the set of W.E."

  1. Anonymous Said,

    What happened to her face! YIKES! Her latest plastic surgery is horrible. Her neck is looking like a turkey neck. OMG!!!!!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Since when does plastic surgery give you a turkey neck? I guess we're back to ignorant comments again.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Can you please stop making negative comments about how she looks like, you can be 20, and have an horrible shot. Have you seen current and young stars without make up? They surely look different. Please focus on the real issues, she's working on a film, that's good, then a record, then a new tour. Focus and stop being childish. You are not even fans of anything, just poisonous creatures. Get a life for a change!!!


  4. TinkerTenor Said,

    She didn't sell 270 million records by being unattractive, kids. She's clearly in the middle of speaking. And btw, her skin is completely flawless in this shot. ;)

    It'll be interesting to see what she comes up with directing such a great cast. I've come to think of her as a modern-day Cecil B. DeMille...she knows how to bring multiple complicated elements together into one big, bright and beautiful package better than almost anyone. Directing seems like the natural expression of her many talents to me.


  5. Nyla Said,

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  6. Trey Said,

    JF CHRIST will people stop talking about plastic surgery and how "bad" Madonna looks. She's almost 52 years old. Work done or not, she looks better than any other woman of her age that I can care about. Can't a Madonna fan (like the few above) focus on her current projects and enjoy them? Go stare in a mirror for the next 15 years or so if that's all you are interested in.

    TinkerTenor good on you.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Ugh. Can this movie be done, so she can move on to making music again? I can't listen to Hard Candy anymore, which means for me it's been five years since she made a new record worth listening to.


  8. Anonymous Said,

    I've waited for some pics from the set of the new movie. it's nice to see madonna hard working. regarding her look: man, she's filming hours and hours a day - this is very straining and not very glamorous.


  9. Anonymous Said,

    I can´t listen to Hard Candy since it was out and I need more new music, please ... Madonna


  10. Anonymous Said,

    She looks natural AND good, that´s good


  11. Anonymous Said,

    When I first saw these pics my mind didnt go to oh she looks aweful. It went straight to oh what a cool outfit (nice style) she has on and she looks pretty good and decent without makeup or done up. People arent going to always look amazing in every pic. Like someone above me stated have you seen stars that are young without makeup not as attractive or glamorous as you think. But I dont really go psychotic in terms of how she looks. I mean dont get me wrong looks are what attract anyone at first sight but I am more into her persona and personality. Shes 52 has been working insanely since she was in her 20s so give her a fucking break already damn, NOBODIES PERFECT YOU EVER HEARD THAT SONG THAT SHE HAS ON HER MUSIC ALBUM. I LOVE MADONNA TO DEATH WITH HER FLAWS AND ALL.


  12. Anonymous Said,

    If you call that natural, you need to get your eyes checked. Her face is pulled so tight her neck is stretching. Yuck!


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