THE TUDORS - Season 2Much missed since her death in 2002, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother is to be subjected to a radical new portrayal by Madonna. Mandrake can disclose that the American singer has cast an actress who appeared naked as Anne Boleyn in the television series The Tudors to perform the role of Queen Elizabeth in a film that she is making about the Edward VIII abdication crisis.

"This country tends to remember the Queen Mother as a rather wrinkly 97 year-old, but I am playing her when she was quite an enchanting, engaging twenty and thirtysomething," Natalie Dormer told me. "She was quite a savage and savvy game player-

The "Queen of Pop" is understood to be portraying Queen Elizabeth as a highly negative influence in W.E., which is sympathetic to Wallis Simpson, the twice-divorced American socialite, who caused a constitutional dilemma when the king declared his desire to marry her.

Dormer, who was speaking at a party to mark the 100th anniversary of Elizabeth Arden, the cosmetics firm patronised by Queen Elizabeth, said: "She never really spoke in public – she left it up to her husband, the king, and, therefore, even if she was a dominant force in the marriage, and a rock and forward thinker, she always let the king take the lead. She never took any credit for it."

Madonna has long been fascinated by the 1936 crisis, which was resolved by Edward's abdication and his succession by his brother, George VI, who was the present Queen's father. Edward was given the title the Duke of Windsor and he married Simpson.

In May, the singer said: "People have accused Wallis of all kinds of things. They've said that she put a spell on Edward. They've said that she was a hermaphrodite and that he was gay. They've said they were Nazi sympathisers. It's just the usual lynch-mob mentality that descends upon somebody who has something that lots of other people don't have."

Mandrake reported in March that Madonna would ask the Queen for filming on W.E. to be allowed in royal palaces.

Dormer, 28, whose ancestor is Jane Dormer, a lady in waiting to Queen Mary, is used to controversy after starring in The Tudors, which was criticised for its historical inaccuracies.

Madonna's film has already undergone several changes. The latest is that Margo Stilley, who appeared in the sexually explicit film 9 Songs, has left. "I had the role, but we had artistic differences," said the American actress.

Stilley added of Madonna: "She is really something. I wish the cast luck because they are all really talented."

Source: Daily Mail

7 Responses to "Madonna casts Natalie Dormer to portray the 'game-playing' Queen Mother"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    0 coments because this is B O R I N G! We want music!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Yes!!! you are right!!! I don't like Madonna's decision of abandoning music for some time... I'm her fan beause of her music and many other things but not for her movies...


  3. Anonymous Said,

    I'm more satisfied with this decision. Just imagine her doing both - album and movie at the same time. We would end up with some mess that was Hard Candy. This way, we can only hope she gets inspired by the movie and perhaps even do a touching ballad (soundtrack?) or simply takes time to really write about something that lies on her soul.


  4. Danny Said,

    I am a fan because of the music too but hey, she's not our employee...she can do whatever she wants to do.Think of the time off she took in the mid 90s...then she came up wih Ray of Light. I guess it was worth the waiting. Also , what if she decided to give up music for good...would you totally ignore her? I don't think so.


  5. Trey Said,

    Right on Danny!


  6. Anonymous Said,

    i really sick of everyone slagging on HARD CANDY. its a great album and it spawned an AMAZING tour!!! and if its the worst album of her career then we are VERY LUCKY. i've heard worse albums that have been well recieved by critics and fans (Lady Gaga anyone).


  7. Anonymous Said,

    All the lyrics in hard candy I think are well written. The only problem I think it had was that the music and trying to make it hip hop etc. dint mesh so well. But it had some good songs and some okay or forgetable songs I guess. I Think her time off is good. Id rather wait and let her juices flow so she can produce a great abum and not ome rushed or weird album because ppl demand one. An artist works better when they are inspired not forced. And lay off lady gaga already for crying out loud. She is pretty good at what she does and I listedned to her album it is pretty good maybe even better than hard candy so...and at least she fucking writes all her shit unlike Britney but then again I like her too. As as its so cool says We Need Love! Love Love Love Love... So Stop The Hating.


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