Carlos Leon Says Madonna is Fearless When It Comes Exercise

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The fitness instructor – who used to date the ‘Material Girl’ singer and is the father of her 13-year-old daughter Lourdes – admits the 51-year-old star is willing to try any type of workout plan especially if it’s new and trendy.

He said: “Madonna and I worked out together when we were a couple. It was a mix and match of me following her programme and her following mine. She is always very curious about what’s new, what’s hot. She is the type of person who will do anything exercise-wise. Right now she is using big elastic bands for resistance training and her cardio comes from dance.”

Madonna is famed for well-toned physique and Carlos says she knows it’s something she needs to have for her career.

He told The Times newspaper: “I think Madonna knows she sets the bar pretty high for people who see her image in the papers. But bear in mind she has a cook, a trainer, she appears on stage for two hours when she’s on tour. She makes her body her business, she really does.”

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3 Responses to "Carlos Leon Says Madonna is Fearless When It Comes Exercise"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    of course it's more easy if you have a trainer, a cook and esp. the time to exercise. but in the and it also needs a lot self-discipline to exercise every single for so many years


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Carlos is soooo right! Her Madgesty is a huge inspiration to my health! Everytime i look at Her she makes me wanna workout harder and everytime i hear Her music She makes me wanna go faster! Thank you your Madgesty! Long Live The Queen!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    If everyone had the money to get a trainer, a cool, etc. and or just the information on what is needed to do everyone would have "perfect" toned and muscular bodies. When you have the tools, the time and the information it really isnt that hard. But not everyone has the money to afford a trainer and a cook and alot of information is so misleding it like who do you trust and which do you try. So if you have a team of people helping you yeah.


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