Madonna attends "Diane Von Furstenberg" party

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Source: News Of Madonna

10 Responses to "Madonna attends "Diane Von Furstenberg" party"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Wonder-full, wonder-full ... and not photoshoped ;-)))


  2. Anonymous Said,

    So she was a grandma, defeated by Gaga and parted with Paltro??? Love the suit, and she's stunning, uncompared looks. Love the eternal Queen...


  3. Anonymous Said,

    love love love! Her Madgesty never fails to amaze me. With all the flowy, metallic dresses, heel-less shoes, spikes and studs, Her Madgesty reigns and put the belted suit back in fashion! Thanks Your Madgesty! Long Live The Queen...btw, i thought Gywn hated Her Madgesty, whats up with that pic? they all look chummy-chummy...


  4. Anonymous Said,

    naw, gywn and her are like bffs. u can find tons of pics of them together on google. who is that ugly, old, crispy, overly-tanned guy?


  5. Anonymous Said,

    he's also in this picture with the queen of pop


  6. Anonymous Said,

    This is way better than the Dolce & Gabanna pictures. That "overly tanned guy" is Valentino, one of the most celebrated fashion designers ever.


  7. Anonymous Said, a prayer era almost.

    she can do no wrong!!! ageless.


  8. Josh Lightfoot Said,

    To Anonymous, Lady Gaga is not the Queen of Pop, that'd be a really hard title to come by with only 1 and 1/2 albums to her name. I'm pretty sure Madonna still holds that title.


  9. Trey Said,

    She looks great! Very Erotica era, genderbending look. It still "suits" her!


  10. Anonymous Said,

    This Reminded Me Of When She Performed Bye Bye Baby And White Heat On Her Tours. Maybe There Were Others Were She Was Dressed Like That But Can't Remember From The Top Of My Head.


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