Watch: New MDG commercial

Posted by Sylar On Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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  1. Lickaiotapus Said,

    Love it, She needs to come back and knock the socks off the Gaga's of today and show how she's still on top of her game, Anyone know the song that was playing, i like it....


  2. Anonymous Said,

    it's the Paul Van Dyk Dub of Revolver....


  3. Anonymous Said,

    I knew it was a remix of revolver sounded similar. I like it but it needs to be a lil less repetitive and pornographic if you ask me. But I like the way she looks. And the pulling of the glasses down revealing her eyes is hot. But damn Id wish shed say something or w.e. It's more like a unfinished preview that loops.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    This kinda makes me want new music. I really hope when she does come out with new stuff that it's really good. I kinda want to be blow away again. My favorite albums are bedtime stories and erotica and I am 22 btw living in NYC.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    So this is suppose to be sexy? its a pasty grandma with dry hair and badly applied lipstick you guys are hardcore fans , dogmatic .


  6. Anonymous Said,

    I thought it was horrible. Longtime fan here who is seriously wondering why I still care at all. She is so over.


  7. lickaiotapus Said,

    You must care, why else would you reply to a one hit wonder


  8. Trey Said,

    It just seems like she has done this over and over and over again. It's not shocking or new or that interesting. And I DO still care. Madonna will never be over Anonymous 2300


  9. Anonymous Said,

    I am kinda tired of hearing people say she is over or done or w.e. just because she is doing something they arent in love with. There were things in the past madonna did that I didnt love but I came to understand and appreciate it. The diversity is what is great about her. People love the blonde ambition tour but it was actually my least fav. And I read they didnt like the erotica album or bedtime stories but those were my fav. So not everyone is going to be please but I like the fact that she tries out different things sometimes it will work sometimes it wont. If I dont like what she is doing now I will go back to what I did like she did and wait till she does something that I do like. That is why its called other artists other things. I love Madonna to death but one minute im obsessed with this person the next with this person. If all you listen to or appreicate is madonna than you will get made at her for not doing something amazing for you when she does do something. As the person above me stated she will never be over. Even after she dies for I dont know how many years to come people will talk about her and she will be written about in history books etc. so... but damn she is gonna be 52 this year give her a fucking break like her Brother said people think she is a god sadly to say he is just a human she aint fucking perfect and she cant be all the time just because you people want her to be. Anyway you people remind me of what they did to britney spears what you gonna go on a madonna witch hunt too because she isnt fucking sucking you guys dick or something. And to you retard who said he dosent know why he cares anymore you are an ass look into the past think about why you love madonna in the first place that is why you care because of who this women is and what she represents. You going to turn your back because she simply didnt come out with a album or video you werent excstatic over. Fucking lame.


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