Madonna’s MDG video campaign

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, May 08, 2010

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Sad she looks old


  2. Anonymous Said,

    She looks ok, but anyone would with such washed out and blurry lighting. She is way too old to be acting like that in a video though. She's a mom now and should act more respectable. Embarrassing is the word that comes to mind. There used to be a serious artist named Madonna who had matured over the years. Where did that person run off to?


  3. Anonymous Said,

    As much as I don't want to admit it, but Anonymous @ 18:43 on May 10, 2010... is right.

    No one is saying to cover up and be an old lady in a rocker. It just we are saying to act mature. She evolved as human being...a woman, over the years. She is a mother of 4 now. She isn't Madonna of 1991.

    We have seen it a billion times before. And quite frankly she is far superior than this(and this includes the recent photoshoot for Interview). She is beyond that. And really what was the purpose of the photo shoot and/or for Interview?

    Come on Madonna, you are better than this. Why act like this? Why do such a thing like this? You don't need to keep on doing half-dressed photo shoots, making out with boys more than half your age, to prove anything, or tell us anything.

    What happened to the art? (these recent promotions (Interview photo shoot and this video for D & G)of hers are FAR from art...more like stupidity and embarrassing on her part)?


  4. Trey Said,

    I'm not surprised or annoyed by any of this. Women usually reach their sexual peek around M's age (late 40's early 50's), so wanting to feel sexy again is not surprising. And she looks good. So like it or leave it. who cares.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    I agree with Trey. Actually we haven't seen this. Give me names of any other female stars out there who express themselves sexually and are over 50.
    Madonna has set an new standard because it's not acceptable for women a certain age to still feel sexual. She has always expressed like this, so why stop now?? Because she's a mother of four kids??? Please


  6. Anonymous Said,

    uh but this is very retro - very er*tica, ear90s-madonna-style. i can't imagine why she tries to bring back this image - it wasn't one of her famous ones.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    I loved the erotica image and the bedtimes stories in fact those are my fav two albums and I think its some of her best and most passionate raw early or mid work should I say. Anyway I like the ad I just think she should have been talking and sold it. Like this is Madonna for MDG or something and maybe laughed. So maybe a lil bit of that would have been nice instead of feeling like you are peaking in a window and two ppl going at it lol. But yeah I dont think she needs to turn into how gaga is where she is always kissing someone or having sex with someone. I think you can be sexy without there being sex is what I am trying to say. But I liked and I thought the interview magazine photo were the shit and what a photo shot pictures suppose to be. Anyway just my opinion.


  8. Trey Said,

    Anonymous 13:32

    You are correct that the Erotica period did not sell as well as earlier projects, but it DID make it's point. That era challenged EVERYthing sexual and many were shocked. That was the point. If you look at it now compared to what is now the norm, Erotica was tame. What would have been banned in the early nineties is now acceptable. I don't really agree with the people who have followed because I don't think most got what Madonna was doing. She wasn't saying "be a slut", S&M is great, Be gay, walk around and show your shit to everyone". Madonna was taking something that no mainstream artist had ever done before. Show the masses the truth. It may be ugly to some people, but it is real. See it, Love it, Hate it, be disgusted by it, be intrigued by it but see it and get over it. No one else will ever be able to do that again. She did it. So, for her to go back to that "Uh very retro, very "Erotica" style is her right if she feels the want. Think


  9. Anonymous Said,

    u are right. i also love the erotica-area, and of course it's her own choice to recall it again. but to be honest, at her age - and as a mother of 4 children - i think this is not an appropriate way anymore.
    erotica (but not bedtime stories) was wild, sexual, provocative and unadapted. and in many ways it was much more sexual than any of todays singers images. let's look at gaga or the new christina-image - they may look sexual and wild - but in the end it's clean, it's plastic, it's mainstream and adapted and calculated (like their music!)
    madonna's erotica-era always seemed to be more authentic, darker, substantial and truthful. a video like "justify my love" my look worthy compared to what's showed today - but i can't describe it in words - it's in the end "real". and one thing is also important: madonna's erotica-album is a music masterpiece, just listen to songs as secret garden or waiting. no other new artist like the terrible lady gaga has ever made such soulful, dark and reflective songs (esp. not gaga who makes euro-trash and nothing more).

    the problem is: this decade has passed, madonna could never repeat this period again without becoming adapted and clean like all the others. if you want to make something shocking and new today you should have to make something different.


  10. Anonymous Said,

    She's Madonna, the only person in the world who could do whatever the hell she wants to do and still be ADORED by her fans...her true fans that is!


  11. quitcherbichinn Said,

    for supposed "fans" a lot of you don't seem to get madonna. madonna IS provocative. madonna IS sexual. madonna IS in your face. madonna IS over the top. i guess the newbie fans don't get it and probably never will but those of us that have been around since day 1 get it.

    if madonna changes who she is then she is no longer madonna and it invalidates all she has done. if it weren't for madonna many things we take for granted this decade probably wouldn't be.

    i hope madonna never changes and never sells out. one sell out...hard enough for her career.

    she sets trends...both musically and in the fashion world. she enrages people. she causes controversy which gets people to talk and understand and educate. may madonna NEVER change and be the minivan driving soccer mom some of you "fans" seem to want her to become.


  12. Trey Said,


    Exactly! But I would never disregard a younger fan for the fact that they weren't there. Let it sink in!


  13. quitcherbichinn Said,

    not totally disregarding them but i don't think they understand in the slightest what madonna is, stands for, or has done.


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