Lady Gaga on Madonna

Posted by Sylar On Friday, May 21, 2010

Lady Gaga recently gave an interview to French Magazine Les inrocks. Of course and once again, the name Madonna is all over it…

Les inrocks - Why did you dedicate your album to Prince, Madonna, David Bowie and Andy Warhol ?
Lady Gaga - I’ve been listening to Prince and Madonna a lot. David Bowie and Andy Warhol are inspiring me. For me they are major artists because the visual aspect of their music is very strong. When I’m home listing to the radio and Prince, Bowie or Madonna’s music is being played, I see something, which isn’t the case with many other singers.

Les inrocks - Did you say that you were the new Madonna?
Lady Gaga - I never said that. I’m very angry when I read this so-called quote. From the beginning of my career people have been saying that I was the new Madonna. So take note of this: I DON’T THINK OF MYSELF AS THE NEW MADONNA!

Les inrocks - You’re blond and an Italian from New York... Don’t you think there’s room for comparison?
Lady Gaga - I do have the utmost respect for her. In some ways it’s indecent to ask a kid like me who’s been around for five minutes if I think I’m the next pop icon. It’s like ‘Who do you think you are?’ You have to let me accomplish more before you call me a pop icon.

Les inrocks - But do you want to be a pop icon?
Lady Gaga - If I wanna rule the world? The answer is yes. I think that secretly everyone wants to rule the world. But most people are afraid to say so.

Source: Absolument Madonna

6 Responses to "Lady Gaga on Madonna"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    That's right Lady Gaga Let All Your Little Monsters Know What's Up. Give Their Asses A Little History Lesson.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Didn't know Lady Gaga was so nice! I was so angry when someone says she's the new Queen Of Pop and she's better than Madonna! I'm like: HELLO! Madonna has been here for what, 26 years? And Lady Gaga like what, a couple of years? Let's have Lady Gaga be on top for another 20 years and THEN we'll see if she's ready to be a real pop icon! LMAO but now that I've read this.. she's so right! She's no NEW Madonna, she's Lady Gaga! Yeah, she said it right.


  3. Jauri Aragon Said,

    Everyone tends to compare her cause she is a female and Italian and blonde like Madonna .
    Difference is that she makes her own music completely and her visuals are sooo important to her as much as her music and not only on the sexy factor , even more than Madonna ( who is more of a sexual provocateur)Lady Gaga comes from a another era that is past that point of sexual liberation ,and focus more on the purely artistic imaginative visual narrative and now because she makes her own music etc . I think she actually is the new Michael Jackson , think about it that's how is going to be , just wait and see.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I don't really think Gaga is anything at all at the moment. Yes she writes her own music, yes she puts the focus merely on image and visual aspects but more artists are like that. It's great that she has ambition and wants to rule the world. Let's give her time to do so. She's not the new Madonna or the new MJ. She's just Lady Gaga. Personaly I like the visual aspect of her image but I think her music lacks depth and isn't that innovative. For someone who wants to revolutionize pop music she has a long way to go. Let's give her time to that


  5. Anonymous Said,

    I really like what anonymous said about her music lacking depth. That is a good point. I like lady gaga her music and image but I dont feel her music touches Madonnas. Madonna really had something to say and she said it in her music. I dont see lady gagas music as music that makes anyone think or take action or be proud. Madonnas music sends you on a journey and is so passionate when it comes to what is being said. I dont think lady gaga is at all like madonna or vice versa. I look at them as two completely different people and artists. The only thing I dont like about gaga is that she comes off as fake in her interviews. Trying to sound way too much like madonna especially with her doing the prayer before her concerts. She just looks like she is trying to hard to be deep when she talks and get the sympathy oh look at me I am a deep person blah blah. I dont think it looks so natural looks actually kinda fake to me. So I dont give it up when she speaks but her music and image are good. But id like too see the real her when she speaks instead of a put on act to show how much she feels by being dramatic to show more emphasis.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    new michael jackson , omg ..whatever??? gaga ?? are u for real ? she is just gaga


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