Bits and pieces of Madonna private and artistic life on Ebay!

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, April 27, 2010

With the great surprise of Madonna fans today a whole lot of rarely seen images of Madonna and some interesting memorabilia has appeared on Ebay today.

A seller has purchased public storage vaults at an auction by a moving company and the boxes were originally owned by Melissa Crowe, Madonna's long time assistant from the mid 80's to the mid 90's.

Among the photos there are rarely seen Herb Ritts shots from 1987 and 1989, candid photos and polaroids, set photos, autographed items and one "historic" picture showing one year Madonna on the lap of her late mother, Madonna Fortin with her dad Sylvio Ciccone and two older brothers Martin and Anthony.

Some of the private photos are also a bit risque' as in one Madonna is kissing a dildo with publicist Liz Rosenberg next to her.

The seller is making serious collectors happy by announcing he will be putting up for auction even more stuff from these boxes that were once owned by Melissa, who apparently is trying to contact the seller about her personal stuff through the pages of the same ebay website.

Source: MadonnaTribe

5 Responses to "Bits and pieces of Madonna private and artistic life on Ebay!"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Really nice, rare shots. Hopefully her kids won't see the one with that dildo!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    I am sure that her kids know about their moms past. I mean how could they not. Most stuff is out in the open and online especially. I am also sure that they know that sex and expression is apart of life. And they arent ashamed that their mother was what people fear to be and thats human. People may say she is a slut or this or that but it's like her song says what it feels like for a girl they hating but secretly theyd love to know what it feels like lol. Most people are like that they just dont talk about it or say it or get pics taken of them in the act. I respect people who are just themselves no matter what people say. To be successful with who you are and what you do and think despite so much negative backlash from the world is the greatest accomplishment. And Madonna has done that constantly.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    It baffles me at how amazingly gorgeous Madonna was when she was younger. I am only 22 right now so I missed out on the early years and getting to know who she was and the vibe back then. She was such a different person back then than she is now and I would have loved to experience her at her prime and known what living back then was like. Well to be a teen or adult back then. But I was only a child so I didnt understand untill my teens and as an adult now. I love watching truth or dare for that reason. Cause I get a glipse and her brothers book is good for that too. And of course the old tours. It still shocks me though that after all that Madonna has done and been through she still dosent get the props and recognition she deserves outside of her fans. I have heard all her albums seen all her tours and the two docs etc. but that is just the surface. The only people who would know are the people around her and all the amazingly beautiful and crazy shit that went down. That is something I would have love to have been apart of and know about. It really was a lifestyle of the rich and famous in every sense of those words. Damn I so feel like I missed out now :-( Anyway I love who she was then and now.


  4. Trey Said,

    I love these photos, but I wonder why the hell Melissa could let all of this stuff sell at an auction. What was she thinking, or not thinking? Especially the diaries. I hope no one buys much from this guy. These are personal items, and although he gained them legally it just doesn't seem right to me to sell some of these things.


  5. Danny Said,

    To the 22 yrs old anonymous...I'm a 35 so I was a teenager when Madge was at her prime and I can assure you it was an amazingly wicked time! The way she rocked the world hasn't been matched by any other act since. Only Lady G reminds me the way Madge was back then...but only just. I feel very melanconic when I see images of the early days Madonna.She has definded an era. Long live Madonna!


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