MDG photoshoot outtake

Posted by Sylar On Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Source: Flickr

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    I like that.


  2. Jaap Said,

    Madonna in an elevator, with no pants or dress? With her right heel on an ashtray? Wearing sunglasses indoors? Yes, I like that, too.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    She looks horrible. Her arms look fat and bulky. Boobs are sagging. Her hands at least have been airbrushed so they don't look so gnarly.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    too old for that shit.seriously


  5. Anonymous Said,

    yeah...she looks great, but i'm a bit embarrassed for her at the moment. she does seem to old for this... other music news, i'm not even a fan of christina aguliera (can't spell her name either), but i saw her new album cover and i totally thought M could have done something so different and cool like that. i'm curious about the new set cuz x-tina has hired some amazing producers.

    M, i'm waiting for a new album!!!


  6. quitcherbichinn Said,

    only anonymously do you freaks have the balls to say the crap you do. *rolls eyes*

    look i'm the first to be critical of madonna because i expect the best from her. i have to say you 2 anons need to get a clue. she looks pretty damn good here...granted there is a lot of photoshopping going on..but she still looks good.

    and could you be a bit more ageist? she looks damn good for her age and i defy you to find someone 51 that looks better. why is she too old to be sexual? are you not madonna fans or are you newbie fans? are you aware of what her fame was built on? here i'll give you a clue...IT'S HER BLATANT SEXUALITY. she's always been over the top with her sexuality so this should really be no surprise.

    i will assume the 2 anons are under 25? news flash for will get old too! from the day you are born you are dying. think about it.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Does it matter who's anonymous? As if someone has the name "quitcherbichinn" on their birth certificate. No matter how sexual Madonna was in her past, if the sex isn't paired with class as she grows old then the results could be embarrassing.


  8. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna .. stop it seriously!


  9. STFU quitcherbichinn Said,

    Oh I forgot I should not be ANONYMOUS lol
    Madonna Stop it seriously LOL


  10. Sylar Said,

    Why should she stop? Because she's 51? She has a body to die for, so why would she hide it? Go for it, M


  11. Xtian85 Said,

    Very hot!!
    I love it!
    I love how people get so fired up about it, she isn't too old. Get over it. She is testing the limits, people need to realise juz cuz she's 51, doesn't mean she turns into a granny. She looks fantastic, and if you have the looks and body SHOW IT! :P


  12. Anonymous Said,

    Her boobs aren't sagging there at all you moron.
    Her boobs look great, her arms and body are beautiful!


  13. Anonymous Said,

    she does not give 2 f's about what people think of her. she does not answer to our close mindedness. that is why she is admired by millions and hated by many more. personally, i think she looks amazing and i would not take life so seriously like some of you do. it is just a game,have fun. that is what madonna has been doing with her life and with her music.


  14. quitcherbichinn Said,

    STFU quitcherbichinn Said,
    26 March 2010 07:34

    Oh I forgot I should not be ANONYMOUS lol
    Madonna Stop it seriously LOL

    awww are you 12? yer cool!


  15. Anonymous Said,

    I think the picture is great , what is with some of you ...why should a woman stop being sexual at a certain age ..please she looks way better than lady gaga ..eww now she is fugly as hell in her new video dispite all that shitty loads of makeup


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