Madonna talks about the Macy’s “Material Girl”

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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  1. Trey Said,

    It's in the DNA! I love that M is letting Lourdes take most of the control of this. It should be cute.


  2. Jaap Said,

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  3. Jaap Said,

    What's next:
    - A pyjama-line called Bedtime Story
    - Like a Virgin lingerie
    - Holiday swimming trunks
    - True Blue make-up with Cherish lipstick
    - La Isla Bonita salsa-heels
    - Causing a Commotion hooker-heels
    - Dear Jessie baby clothes
    - Like a Prayer Down On My knee pads
    - Hanky Panky hankies
    - Rescue Me Baywatch bathing suits
    - Rain umbrella's & raincoats
    - American Pie kitchen aprons
    - Another suitcase in another hall - bags (Call Louis Vuitton!)
    - Scarves, winter hats and gloves called Frozen
    - The Hollywood Wig Collection
    - A Snuggie line called Nothing Really Matters
    - Me Against the Music headphones
    - Jump: make a deal with Nike and do some nice trainers or sneakers
    - 4 Minutes watches
    - Give It To Me wallets

    Madonna really should start her own mega store with will be obviously named 'Dress You Up'.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    that's not true, this has nothing to do with inheritance or talent. madonna & lourdes have a whole team of stylist and assistants, they have access to the most exclusive and expensive fashion lines - so it's really no difficulty for them to look trendy and cool.
    on the other hand - an ordinary girl in her age which is really talented will never get the chance to release her fashion line, until she's finshed her education and has gone trough the whole business.

    nearly every star out there always looks perfect and wears the newest fashion - oh my god, they have their stuff to do that. they only decide themselves which way they want to go (and sometimes even not that!).

    so it always makes me smile when a celebrity is releasing an "own designed" fashionline. you can be sure that there are real designers who make all the work behind it.


  5. Anonymous Said,


    I see what you're saying, but that's not entirely true in every. single. case. Especially this one.

    Madonna has always been fashion forward, had a unique eye for fashion, and been a MAJOR supporter of the fashion industry. She's always managed to have her own unique style and look like Madonna, regardless of the stylists/assistants that have come and gone thru the years. And all of that BEFORE the fashion industry really started playing the celebrity game. Meaning when they started replacing supermodels on magazine cover/television ads with actors and singers.

    I can think of few celebrities more plugged in (and I do mean *plugged in*) to fashion, with a REAL respect for it. She truly lives and breathes it. I rarely see a paparazzi shot of her not dressed in some bad ass ensemble that's totally her. Even when she's just going out to dinner.

    On top of this, Madonna wears the clothes, the clothes don't wear her. Unlike countless celebrities (with no true sense of style) that all look like they're terrified of being photographed with the "wrong" handbag.

    No stylist can truly make you look cool, if you can't carry it off.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Also, yes, we understand that Madonna and Lourdes aren't in some factory slaving over sewing machines to make this happen. But neither is Karl Lagerfeld. Yet the finished product is very much his vision and unmistakably Lagerfeld.

    Much like a film director, it's all about vision, the ability to see it through, and having the intuition/eye to choose the *right* people to collaborate with.


  7. Trey Said,

    I totally understand the anonymous comment that responded to mine, and you are very right on in most respects. Of course Lourdes is given exception to other true designers because of her mother. And that sucks for the unknown struggling artists, but having a style icon for a mother is going to grant you the privvy. I like the fact that M is doing the interviews and demanding that Lourdes get her education before allowing her to spotlight herself. I hope Madonna makes her children struggle for their own fame as she did. Not just give it to them.


  8. Anonymous Said,

    I think this is lame. She has a fashion line named after a song she says she hates to sing. She is really slipping into mediocrity.


  9. Anonymous Said,

    hey you're right, i forgot that! she never sings the songs, she always states that she is not materialistic and then she makes a clothes line called material very irritating. i hope that all the botox and restilane has not damaged her mind :-()


  10. Anonymous Said,


    Yeah, because Botox and Restylane do that. *eyeroll*


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