Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD Release Update

Posted by Sylar On Friday, February 26, 2010

While Madonna’s ‘Sticky & Sweet’ Tour will hit worldwide stores on DVD, CD and Blu Ray March 30th, please note that it will be released just one week later in the US, on April 6th.
To coincide with this new release date, the VH1 broadcast of the show has been pushed to April 4th. A chance for US fans to watch the show on TV two days before its domestic release.
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1 Response to "Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD Release Update"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    When they said it would hit us march 30 I said how much you want to beat it will be delayed again. And look I was right. The people who are releasing this seriously piss the shit out of me. Waiting and waiting and waiting for something that I have been to in person, has aired in several other different places and has nothing new on it from the 09 period of in which can also be seen in hd on youtube in which I have watched. The fact that it will be in blu ray is still not enough to calm my temper at these people. If they are taking a million years to release it they should have worked on putting the new stuff from 09 in at least its something new. I almost feeling like trying to boycott that shit but it's not fair to the fans. Can I have the name of the person responsible for this disaster of delays and push backs and no new stuff from 09 on the dvd. Im ready to chop their heads off right after cursing them out. I really would like to know what has been the hold up for something that has been out for a while. I mean its the same shit that london got right so like WTF. Damn I swear they continue to screw over the american fans over and over and over the country the artist is from that is what gets me.


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