“Revolver” in Billboard’s chart beat

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Billboard’s “Hot/Dance Club play” list's all-time leader in top 10s, Madonna, pads her lead, as "Revolver," featuring Lil Wayne, rises 11-7. The song is Madonna's 54th top 10 and 25th in-a-row dating to "Nothing Really Matters" in 1999.

Source: Billboard

9 Responses to "“Revolver” in Billboard’s chart beat"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    okok but it's almost 3 years now that Hard Candy has been released.. I want some new Madonna music SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Come on, thats something special ... the 54th one - fantastic!


  3. G*E*G Said,

    I may not like Revolver, but daumn! That is an achievement. 54th one! Unbelievable! What other artist can claim that? ZERO!

    Go Madonna!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    Good Going M! btw I love revolver.


  5. sarkes77 Said,

    it hasnt been two years since hard candy, april 2008!!!


  6. Anonymous Said,

    that's right, not even two years.... :)


  7. Anonymous Said,

    not long enough if you ask me ^_^


  8. sarkes77 Said,

    feels too calculated for me not like when music came out or american life didnt know what to expect...id rather wait for something great...


  9. Anonymous Said,

    I miss the days before the internet when EVERYTHING was a surprise. I remember opening an issue of People magazine in 1988 and they had a pic of M and below it said she was working on a new album. I was soooooo excited. It's not the same these days.


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