Madonna & Jesus at Falcão e os Loucomotivos

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, February 11, 2010

Check out a shiny Madonna attending the Falcão e os Loucomotivos concert in Rio de Janeiro last night in this cool clip recorded by the Núcleo Audiovisual do Circo Voador and posted on YouTube.


Source: MadonnaTribe

11 Responses to "Madonna & Jesus at Falcão e os Loucomotivos"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Jesus is so hot!!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    He´s a barbie Ken puppet


  3. Anonymous Said,

    WTF was that?!?!?
    He is not hot..he is poser!

    How immature acting(with no shirt on..please!!!(guess he has to make it up, cause sure as hell that other department *ahem*...LACKS!)..oh wait..he IS ONLY 23!

    And her and those stupid gloves!
    50 going on 20

    Yeah real KOOL KIDZ there!



  4. Anonymous Said,

    WOW you have some anger issues. What do you care if Madonna wears gloves or if Jesus is dancing with his shirt off...???? They can do whatever they want and if Madonna wants to date a younger be it!

    I love that Madonna is making 50 the new 40 or even 35. Thats our Queen of Pop breaking down barriers.

    And what does "act your age" mean anyway. She's 50, meaning she's an adult so she should be able to do what and date who she wants.

    People are so sexist and ageist (and racist). No one says anything when older men date younger women, so why is there an issue here?

    You're the real KOOL KID for passing judgement and making an "immature" observation. Stop with passing judgment cause that doens't make you any better than someone that wants to live life without the rules society places on them.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    And here come the ass kissers come marching one by one, HURAH HURAH!...the ass kissers come marching one by one HURAH HURAH!.. ;)

    Yes you are right...they can do whatever they want. But sucking face in public is a far cry from maturity. It is extremely immature.

    My significant other and I, do not go around sucking face in public like that, nor does he go around with his shirt off, acting like that. Nor do I act like that. It is immaturity, whatever way you look at it.

    You have have passed judgement way to fast, considering that poster did not mention a damn thing about their relationship, just as to what they were doing. And I do have to agree with the poster you were attacking there.



  6. Anonymous Said,

    odd, I just thought it just looked like a couple trying to have a laugh and a good time. There is hardly any footage to really have an opinion on at all.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Nothing looked inappropriate to me. Just looked like a couple having fun. Guess I'm not looking close enough.


  8. Anonymous Said,

    Making a good point in Madonna's defense does not make one as ass kisser. You're nit picking her every move in this video. Everyone, including Madonna is entitled to date who they want and be affectionate in public if they chose to or not. It's none of your business. Bottom Line.
    So just cause your significant other and you don’t suck face in public means Madonna shouldn’t…?? Nice relevant argument. For you to even compare what other relationship does compared to yours lets me know that you are arrogant and ignorant. Please don’t base what other people should do based on what you do. You don’t set the standard for what Madonna or anyone in a relationship should do.


  9. Anonymous Said,

    I agree with the person above , the man who is slagging madonna off is just foolish ...if madonna wants to kiss somebody she will its not like she has to be afraid of every move just because she is in the public eye , lets not forget this is a woman that walked down the highway nude hahahahah ..why so much madonna hate ?? take your hate elsewhere there really is no need for it


  10. Danny Said,

    To the guy who slagged Madge and J someone here being a bit envious? I bet u'd die to have the looks and opportunities Jesus has. Plus ....would we be M fans if she was a conventional 50 yrs old? Going back to the real subject: has anyone heard of this band before? Are they big in Brazil?


  11. Anonymous Said,

    She spends alot of time with him. I am starting to question if this is just a fling or something serious. I heard on the radio that rumors and gossip suggest that she moved on from him and is with an older man. But I keep on seeing her with him. So I think it is a lil more than him being her little play thing. I think there is a real bond and chemistry there. I am happy for her though cause Guy wasnt right for her in my opinion and if you can't see how wonderful of a woman she is then yeah you iz stupid, lol. She deserves to be happy and do w.e. she wants.


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