“I Can’t Forget” [Demo from Something to Remember]

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, February 18, 2010

“I Can’t Forget” is an unreleased collaboration with David Foster. It was recorded along two other tracks that made into Something To Remember retrospective album. BMI work# 2133633 published by Peermusic Ltd. and Warner/Chappell Music. The song was later recorded by Tilt. They released their version titled "Come Closer" on their 2006 album "Vaults". Madonna is credited as writer of the song. The song was also given to Canadian singer Angelica DiCastro for her album "Beautiful Feeling".

The song is credited to David Foster and Madonna.

18 Responses to "“I Can’t Forget” [Demo from Something to Remember]"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    it fits perfect on hard candy!!!


  2. Anonymous Said,



  3. Anonymous Said,

    Dull. Very dull. Suddenly makes me appreciate (some of) Hard Candy...

    Just think -- Madonna could have taken the adult contemporary rock route after "Something to Remember" rather than embracing dance music on Ray of Light...


  4. Anonymous Said,

    ooops don't people know what a demo is? Unfinished work, rejected???? This is not even an outtake! I'm glad it surfaced! There is not enough of Madonna past work available. Madonna and David Foster are great composers. They just didn't bother to go any further. They already had what they needed. On Hard Candy, it's not a masterpiece. But to call Give it to me, Heartbeat, Miles Aways and Beat Goes On weak songs, it's something like... did you know planet earth is a square!?


  5. Carlton Said,

    I am a bit less damning of this song. My thuoght is that it is very good for what it is, but it is a line which I am glad she chose not to pursue. I would have hated for Madonna to try breaking into the Celine Dion camp when she is capable of much more.


  6. quitcherbichinn Said,

    it is a song that goes with the them of STR. it was a greatest hits BALLADS. this is a ballad...it fit with the subject matter. now why are we comparing a song from 15 years ago to songs from 2 years ago? apples and oranges people. it was nothing more than a possible FILLER to a GH album to get people to buy it for a new song. if ya don't like it then delete it and be done with it.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    although i'm not a fan of this track, i do hope she does do a true ballad on the next albumn...it's been awhile!


  8. Trey Said,

    It's ok. That is why it never made it onto STR. I still love the fact that is a track I have never heard. Anything Madonna, I want to hear. I might not love it, but I want to hear it.


  9. Anonymous Said,

    i understand why this song was never on something to remember. the song ist a bit boring and usual - but madonna's voice sound's really great. it's a shame that her newer recordings never reach this brilliance - ray of light was the last madonna-album where her voice was really great. now that she's getting older it may be a good step for her to make a little shift away from dance to a more voice-driven music. it could be electronic, but please no dance anymore! i really love owl city's new album ocean eyes, because it combines electronic music with great (and meaningful) lyrics - that's the way madonna should go again!


  10. Anonymous Said,

    I wish for a mid-ballad, a power of good-bye ...


  11. Anonymous Said,

    'I Can't forget' lyrics!

    Don't run away, come closer
    I'll take you away from sadness
    Let me lift you out of the darkness
    Let me sooth your soul

    The shadow of your smile stays on my mind
    And every song I hear reminds me of you

    Every breath, every step, I'm closer to you
    Every day (every day), everything (everything) reminds me of you
    I can't forget you at all

    Don't be afraid, come to me
    I know that you've been hurt and you're scared
    Let me fill your heart up with gladness
    Let me take you there

    Everything you say stays in my heart
    Everything I do, I'm thinking of you

    Every breath, every step, I'm closer to you
    Every day (every day), everything (everything) reminds me of you
    I can't forget you at all

    Love means letting go of fear
    And I have nothing but love for you, my dear

    I can't forget

    Every breath (every breath), every step (every step), I'm closer to you
    Every day (every day), everything (everything) reminds me of you
    Every breath (every breath), every step (every step), I'm closer to you
    Every day (every day), everything (everything) reminds me of, of you
    I can't forget you at all
    I won't forget you at all

    Does anyone has the other versions covered by Titl and Dicastro? Links please.
    Sorry they didn't finish it. I love it|!


  12. Anonymous Said,

    Ugghh...lets all "FORGET" this disaster of a song.....


  13. Anonymous Said,

    ^ yeh it's so dreadful


  14. Anonymous Said,

    I like it lol , i like her voice ..its a demo ...but a good song ..well produced and written ...i pray she does another ballad


  15. Anonymous Said,

    Romantic days are gone...it's all about ass shaling nowdays. I wished this was finished. I love her voice here, the lyrics are ok, but it has great potential.
    Does anyone remember the Beat Goes On Demo? And see what how it ended up. I would definitely go for this. As A die hard Madonna fan, I start the Movement: We want Madonna back in the Ballads. No midtempo or uptempos, ballads we wants ballads. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


  16. Anonymous Said,

    what a bore...no wonder it was never officially released. screams "b-sides" !!!!


  17. Anonymous Said,

    another unreleased thing - http://www.4shared.com/file/229492741/702c1c3/Madonna_-_Liquid_Love__piano_s.html


  18. Anonymous Said,

    This song is okay just okay. It dosent sound like anything ive heard from Madonna before but I'd hope she dosent make anything that sounds like this more. I don't think it really suites her. My Favorite albums from her are Bedtime Stories And Erotica. But yeah this song sounds like her really early work. From before those albums I just mentioned. I agree with the comments above me though which said she needs to go back. I think it would be better for her not to follow the hype what's hot right now and just do something from her heart, mind and soul. Something original not something that's a fad already. She needs to take her time with this next album and experiment.


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