Watch: “Express Yourself” & “Burning Up” RIT - Pro Recording

Posted by Sylar On Monday, January 11, 2010

Remaining unreleased…..


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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Its insane how with The Sticky & Sweet Tour and The Confessions Tour after this tour, they both make The Re-Invention Tour look armature! I never thought it was possible. With each tour, Madonna tops herself, and that's saying a lot because the each tour is amazing! What artist can do what she does...?? NO ONE!
    I have to say my favorite is The Sticky & Sweet Tour followed by The Girlie Show. Re-Invention is probably my least favorite.
    BTW The Sticky & Sweet Tour is airing on VH1 on February 5!!!!


  2. I love Madonna's expression with her mouth at the end of Express Yourself for having a problem with her voice! I just Love her so much!
    And I felt in love even deeper with her after seeing her live at the S&S Tour in Buenos Aires, she decided to record her greatest tour (for me) in our country and it was the best thing whe could have ever done!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    ^ it was supposed to be airing on the 22 of january did they change it?


  4. Lickaiotapus Said,

    I also thought it was january 22 that it was airing....


  5. Anonymous Said,



  6. Anonymous Said,

    i cant believe that the owner of the site divinamadonna from spain tweeted madonnas manager.all the links will be removed thanks to him.he did it in a very nasty way, mispelled and everything.what a hateful person.thank you
    Chris Marquez!!!!!!!!!!(not)that was pure evil.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    why is gonna be removed ??/


  8. Anonymous Said,

    Well, as much as I've always wanted to see a home video release of this tour, if this is the best footage they have, I'm glad it hasn't been released. There is NO WAT this is a good representation of the concert. Poor filming. Very poor filming. Who knows though, maybe there's some ace footage from another stop on the tour that they're working on. One can hope, right?


  9. Anonymous Said,

    Yes they've mooved the date! If you people listened to my (and sylar)! :) I mentioned that about 2 weeks ago that VH1 will be airing The Sticky & Sweet Tour Feb 5. I don't know why it changed....that's where sylar comes in....
    And why would somone go and tweet Guy Oseary nasty things??? Thats stupid don't be disrespectful people. He doesn't tell you people how to do your job. If you going to suggest things to him, do it with some class and respect.


  10. Anonymous Said,

    Come on people don't be disrespectful towards Madonna and her management. Grow up.
    Yeah if you check the website for Friday Night Alright they moved it to Feb 5. Hopefully this means more promo??


  11. Anonymous Said,

    I missed out on tickets to this show in NY all those years ago and was very upset.
    I ended up watching it all on YouTube and fell in love with the show, the songs, the screens, everything.
    I'd like it on DVD.
    But i've since seen Confessions in Tokyo, S&S in NY & LA, so I have lovely memories from them.
    But just want to show everyone ReInvention so they know why I like it so much


  12. Anonymous Said,

    The girl that uploaded this files sells the DVD for $150... we all should put $1 and buy it and share it


  13. Anonymous Said,

    I don't know if there are any words that could express how angry I am that it took this long for the S&S tour to be aired on tv and to come out on dvd. Not to mention everytime they said it was going to be released or aired they keep on pushing back the date. I could punch someone dead in the face but enough of that. I was kinda depressed right before I saw this and it made me alot better. So thanks Madonna you always know how to save my life. And shit we should get those tours that werent released on dvds. The fans... we deserve them.


  14. Anonymous Said,

    Oh i was going to ask where the videos are from.
    I'd pay $150 if Madge released it officially
    but not from some random girl.


  15. Anonymous Said,

    I agree.
    Please share the whole thing - that might make them release it on dvd


  16. Anonymous Said,

    this guy said he'd post it, hope it's true


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