Two formats for Sticky and Sweet DVD

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, January 26, 2010

News is just in to MadonnaTribe that Madonna's new single Revolver will be officially released by Warner Music in Italy in the month of March 2010.
Madonna's singles are not officially distributed in the Italian market anymore and the Fimi single charts are now based on digital downloads only. Fans know that record shops may still carry copies that are imported from Germany or the UK, but this time Warner Music decided to distribute Revolver in Italy in its 12" vinyl single format.
Because the vinyl release will follow the CD maxi, Revolver will reach Italian stores on March 2nd 2010.

In other Warner Music related news the Sticky & Sweet Tour will be their last official Madonna release so far as the current agreement between Live Nation and Warners is limited to the Sticky & Sweet release. Only time will tell if it will be Warner Music to distribute the new Madonna products from her Live Nation contract in the future or someone else will step in to handle them.
Sticky & Sweet will be delivered to Italian shops on Friday, March 26 2010.

The tour dvd will be released in Italy and other European countries in two formats: A CD+DVD combo in Digipak and for the first time ever a BluRay + CD in standard bluray box.

Source: MadonnaTribe

8 Responses to "Two formats for Sticky and Sweet DVD"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    it' good news that live nation did not decide to make a longtime arrangement with warner to distribute future madonna releases. just look at the chaotic release policy surrounding the revolver release!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    And what about "the reinvention tour", when will this tour dvd be released? tic toc tic toc....


  3. Anonymous Said,

    and the blond ambition on dvd/blueray???


  4. Anonymous Said,

    Thanks God!!! WMG is a so fucking son of a bitch!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    In future Warner Music will still earn a lot of money with up to now not-released music and tours by Madonna...

    On the one hand maybe we have to wait a long time for Re-Invention Tour or Blond Ambition and so on...but the positive point is: One day it will be released! ;) ;)

    I'm counting the days for Sticky & Sweet...only 58 days


  6. Anonymous Said,

    hopefully new releases by madonna will be distributed by universal music, because they are market leader and i think they know their business very well. warner was once a very important and big major label, but they really lost importance (and market share) since they splitted from their former mother company time warner.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    finally on blu-ray!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. zak london Said,

    I can not wait for the blu ray version god my pants need changing!!!!!!!!


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