New previously unreleased D&G Spring/Summer 2010 photo

Posted by Sylar On Friday, January 08, 2010

dg_milan_506 Source: MadonnaTribe

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    I like this the best amongst all the D&G 2010 campaign. Reminds me of Spike Lee's Girl #6. Her Madgesty made a cameo with Chiquita. Bring back Chiquita! hehehheeh... I wonder what happened to her.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    I noticed that her hair was on her mouth. Ummm who ever took these photos Steven Klein or whoever it looks kinda weird I would have moved her hair out her mouth.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Can't really tell, there's a homosexual blocking the view. Have to see it for myself.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    The hair is great in the mouth!!!! What are you talking about?? That gives it a very raw and undone feel! I love these shots!


  5. This reminds me of Madonna's video for "I Want You" I love it!


  6. Lickaiotapus Said,

    Like I said previously before Sylar removed my post Madonna owns the camera and never have I saw a bad shot from her unlike Lady Gaga is hard on the eyes but makes pretty good music, But Gaga's W shoot she looked flawless, not sure if it was photo shopped or not! Sylar why are you so scared of other peoples opinions, you don't believe in freedom of speech? Seriously man you need to get out of the bubble you live in and stop removing people opinions, What do you do when your in the real world where you can't click your way from banning or deleting things you don't like? Respect other peoples opinions!


  7. Sylar Said,

    No, I will not continue publishing comments that are conntected to Lady Gaga. I love her music a lot and that's it. Don't think now that I have something against her, but this is Madonna's fan site, not Gaga's, neither is she mentioned in the post above.
    Comments with LG cause only fights, so yea, they will be deleted if they are not connected to the post.

    And please respect my opinion. Gaga's is an artist that deserves respect, but does not need to be mentioned in every comment, ok?


  8. Lickaiotapus Said,

    Sylar, you are correct, but if it get's to that point which an argument erupts, than you have that right as moderator to remove what you wish.... But if people want to compare or share a story about Gaga and Madonna that should be allowed, It's great that you love gaga, it really is, but you should be able to hear negative comments about her, as I have to with Madonna. Now I'm going to be honest with you. Gaga is great. The voice is there and better than Christian Aguilera. Her look at times can be over the top and a little to bizarre and flamboyant but I do believe it's what's missing from music today like back in the 80's on MTV and the VMA's you had all these stars with weird styles and crazy outfits like Cyndi Lurpa and I think Gaga is bringing it all back the same with her flawless video for Bad Romance. I never seen such a beautiful video with sharp imagery and style. The song IMHO for Bad Romance is 100% perfection along with the Video.... it's just she's not that pretty nor is she ugly because at times she looks horrible and times she looks flawless like in Bad Romance! I'm sure Gaga will be around for long time....


  9. Sylar Said,

    Agreed, she is truly something new and exciting on the music scene and I hope she will have the staying power as people like her and especially Madonna, can give example to other pop stars that you have to work for your success and push boundaries ;)

    Anyway - I love this photo of her with a cat :) It's kind of similar to Blame It On Rio shoot, although she was caressing Jesus back then :D Cute


  10. Xtian Said,

    Gaga is interesting to look at... i'm diggin' her stuff but oh boy does she have a busted face only a horror movie can love!

    Lovely pics of M but I'm tired from this artsy fartsy photoshots, give us something exciting woman!

    p.s. you are free to delete this message but I'm counting on you on not doing it...


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