New campaign mini site at Dolce and Gabbana's

Posted by Sylar On Monday, January 04, 2010

DG Magazine 2010 Womens copia.indd Check out the online website of Dolce & Gabbana for their new mini-site showcasing the preview of the Spring/Summer 2010 campaign featuring Madonna photographed by Steven Klein.
Already available on the site are the three campaign images released so far presented in their complete advertisement layout and downloadable as desktop wallpapers.

Source: MadonnaTribe

6 Responses to "New campaign mini site at Dolce and Gabbana's"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    amazing...can't wait to see the full campaign.


  2. Lickaiotapus Said,

    I don't understand the owner of this forum, So many posts were removed and none of which had anything that would warrant them to be deleted or pulled! Not everyone loves what Madonna does and if any of the post were vulgar, racist, or threatening I can actually see a reason for pulling the post, but none were! People like you skylar is the reason there is major suppression of speech today, what is it that you feel so threatened that you need to pull everyone's post that wasn't vulgar in any shape or form, it was a discussion on Gaga and Madonna.... Now I'm a huge fan of Madonna but it doesn't threaten me to hear negative complaints concerning here, everyone is entitled to there option as long as it isn't vulgar, racist, or threatening to anyone in any shape or form! Now I'll be honest, I HATE Howard Stern just to give an example and had a friend who wanted to ban Howard from Radio and ask me to participate knowing how much I disliked him, I said absolutely not, just because I dislike him doesn't mean I should suppress his freedom of speech, I said it's his opinion and if I don't like it, I chose not to listen.... One day Skylar someone will suppress your freedom of speech, and I hope then you'll realize how wrong it is in what you are doing! Now I saw and read all the post including mine, none were deem inappropriate in any way!

    Thank You : )


  3. Anonymous Said,

    i guess people can only post pre-aproved comments. why bother if they only want comments from the blind fans???

    good luck with been a fan of someone who doesnt care about the fans unless is to fill stadiums.and delivers mediocre crap after a 25 year career.


  4. Lickaiotapus Said,

    After 25 years with the music industry now not being what it was, Madonna was better off with live nation now if she ever wanted to survive and remain an artist, this is just what the music industry/ record company's are evolving into and the result is Live Nation! I'm sure Madonna will do more albums but it will be nothing like what is being played on radio today and she will probably incorporate her new work into the stage and create themes for it! I think now she has more artistic freedom to pick and choose what she wants to create artistically and musically live nation will give Madonna the opportunity to create concerts for her new work. I'm looking forward to it! I see Madonna taking more risk Musically now like mixing Hard Rock with Eltronica or even Opera type shows like let's say Phantom, of the opera! Whatever she does she has the freedom now....


  5. Anonymous Said,

    And who said she didnt have the freedom before. Early in her career she did songs like papa dont breach and like a prayer and came out with those videos and from the get go she was in your face im going to say what everyone is thinking but is too afraid to say this is who I am like it or not lol I laughed cause its a lyric from a song anyway to me she has always done what she wanted to do and didnt care about what others said untill the american life video thing as far as I know. Yeah I also dont understand about the comments so who cares if someone is vulgar or w.e. on here its a forum and it should be real. People should be allowed to say w.e. they want hear there should be no banning of speech. I too have got my comments taken down for not agreeing with the majority of comments on here and saying things like its so cool is a way better song than celebration and revolver and bring up notions that marilyn manson should work with madonna and being very passionate about what I said. And it's kind of funny for someone who is a Madonna lover to ban someones speech fuck tard.


  6. Lickaiotapus Said,

    She didn't have the freedom before, she had executives from Warner Music reviewing her albums before hand, Just like with Ray Of Light, Warner was so displeased with it, it wasn't radio friendly.... Too ambient sounding and all the singles that were going to be released had to be reworked like Power Of Goodbye to sound popish.... The original Power Of Good-bye was so much better then the altered version Warner didn't want, it was had a haunting sound! They were also displeased and wanted her to rework Music the lead song to the titled album and Madonna refused, When WIFLFAG was next for a single they ordered her to use a remix for the video.... Also American Life was Madonna's first album that she won the freedom of not altering it for Warner even thou they hated it completely! Now with Live Nation she has the freedom to make whatever she wants and not having executives telling her to pop it up for radio! I agree, this is the problem with the world everyone can't respect others for there opinions, they want to suppress other peoples freedom of speech because they can't handle debates maturely! When they venture out into the real world there are going to be things they don't like and see and hear and they just can't with as flick of a button delete, ban, or remove it! Welcome to the real world!


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