Madonna’s “Hope For Haiti Now” Performance

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, January 23, 2010

13 Responses to "Madonna’s “Hope For Haiti Now” Performance"

  1. Th0m4s1993 Said,

    A very good performance but what the HELL has she done do her face now?! Is it wrong use of make-up or am I right to be shocked?


  2. Anonymous Said,

    dude, she's like that since 2008... that's the cheeck implants and everything... and her beeing overskinny


  3. Anonymous Said,

    wow...amazing performance


  4. Anonymous Said,

    The performance was great, but she really doesn´t look like Madonna anymore, she´s a bit of Barbie in her face (or Ken?)


  5. Anonymous Said,

    She singed very well! But please, Madonna, stop doing s#@t in yhour face and start eating!


  6. Anonymous Said,



  7. Anonymous Said,

    She looked great. Shes 51 for christ's sake.


  8. Anonymous Said,

    Fantastic. Back on form (finally) - after all that Sticky&Sweet tour nonsense.

    Good to see that her musical director (Kevin something) is absent (who seemed intent on her singing over backing tracks). Bring back Stuart Price. And Patrick Leonard. Ditch Kevin.


  9. Andreas Said,

    And William Orbit and reproduce "Across the sky" without Timbaland in perfect version, what a great song, what a tragedy to put it down ... earth calling Madonna!

    Recover yourself!


  10. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna is BACK!!!!!!! AWESOME!!! Gave me chills. Very uplifting performance for a GREAT cause.


  11. Anonymous Said,

    I thought she looked better here than in the S&S tour which really made her look horrible...real bad makeup they did on her..
    and yes, Kevin Antunes sucks


  12. Danny Said,

    Great performance, great cause. On a more shallow level ....I think she looks stunning. This sort of make up (eyeliner , peach lips)4 me is the one which suits her the most. As for the chicks implants..c'mon guys, it's been 2 years. U should be used to that by now!


  13. Anonymous Said,

    Agree with Danny. She's had the cheeks for years now, get over it. She looked great, like on the 2nd leg of her tour. The performance was great and inspiring.


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