Madonna Statement Following Earthquake In Haiti

Posted by Madge On Friday, January 15, 2010

“My prayers are with the people of Haiti. I can’t imagine the terrible pain and suffering they are experiencing. Sadly the depths of the tragedy are just becoming known and the need for our support grows more urgent with every passing moment.

I have given a donation of $250,000 to assist Haiti’s earthquake victims through Partner’s in Health ( one of Haiti’s leading health care providers. I urge all of my friends and fans around the world to join me collectively to match my contribution or give in any way you can. We must act now.

Thank you for your support”


7 Responses to "Madonna Statement Following Earthquake In Haiti"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Love her generosity and class. My prayers are with the country of Haiti. God Bless...


  2. Anonymous Said,

    This is why Concert tickets are so expensive , If you think for a second she keeps everithing to herself , think twice , she has the Malawi Foundation also , she is quite generous and even tho her last record sucks , her generosity is been amazing in recent years ., soemtime I like her better as a person than an artist :-)


  3. Anonymous Said,

    i liked hard candy , it didnt suck ! it was a great pop record with catchy songs :) i admit the timbaland songs suck ...4 mins and dance2night ....but shes not me and give it to me and devil wouldnt recognise you are great madonna songs to me !


  4. Anonymous Said,

    Only 250,000?!?!? Brangelina gave a million, and more anonymously. She is worth half a billion and she can't spare 1 million for this poor people going through insurmountable suffering...


  5. Anonymous Said,

    B7tch, please! Gisselle Bunchen donated 1.5 million. Madonna is greedy and is obviously doing this for publicity and to get a tax write-off before April... 250k's is a joke of a donation from someone worth so much.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Brangelina gave anonymously?? The biggest lie ever!! They always send out a press release even for $50,000. They are two people, with a big combined income, and they got $20 million for their foundation from the tabloids for selling baby pictures. It's not from their own pocket or from their earnings.

    Madonna has donated millions this past year to many organizations, unlike other people who only donate once when a tragedy happens to make themselves look good.

    To the idiot saying that Madonna's donation is a tax write-off, what do you think Giselle's is? She released a statement too, so why is she not doing it for publicity? Your logic is stupid.

    Who gives a sh*t in the end how much they give, the point is that they are giving, so stop b*tching and start donating instead. With fans like you, who really needs enemies and haters?


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Oh, please. Celebrities with much less cash than Madge's are giving way more. I've already gotten my whole family and most of my friends to text "Haiti" to 90999, and I've done it myself. I've also started to gather a group through my local church and beginning tomorrow we will start gathering basic supplies and money to be sent there. I wasn't going to declare my actions to help these people, but since you asked... Also, we all know Madge could and SHOULD give way more than 250,000!!


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