Madonna Spotted at Lady Gaga concert in New York

Posted by sweetzombie On Tuesday, January 26, 2010

106f3f4[1]Check out a photo of Madonna arriving at Lady Gaga’s sold-out “Monster Ball” concert in New York City on Saturday night. Other celebrity guests were Alicia Keys, Tyra Banks and Janet Jackson.

Source: GagaDaily

4 Responses to "Madonna Spotted at Lady Gaga concert in New York"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    what the hell is the appeal of lady gaga?! she's like today's cindy lauper!!! and we all know where her career offense. although lauper had much better music than the crap that gaga puts out.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    I resent that. Lady Gaga has alot of appeal if you actually take a look at her and not just notice her name. There is alot more there than people realize. Anyway and about Cyndi she was more true to herself that anyone else and true artists artists that speak their mind and dont sell out and do exactly what they want thats what happens. When you arent commercial cause you dont listen to the business. That is what happens I know from my fav band brand new from long island and marilyn manson one of my fav artists. Being popular or not has nothing to do with how great you are. Im not a huge fan of either Lady Gaga or Cyndi Lauper but I have checked cyndis last album and ladys last two and I really enjoyed them. And comparing lady gaga and cyndi is weird. They might have similar spirits of good will and being yourself and making new ground and what not but to me its disrespectful. And if lady gagas music was such crap I dont think so many ppl would be into her.


  3. A B Said,

    To the first Anonymous comment. I'm sure many people said the same of Madge (as they are of Lady Gaga) when she first came out, comparing her to Cher, Debbie Harry, etc. You're prety much putting yourself into the same category as those haters.
    Embrace the creativity, the direction that Lady Gaga is taking things. I'm sure that she's in some way inspiring Madge to take her career to the next level (well at fingers crossed at least). The fact that you're comparing Lady Gaga to Cindy Lauper attests to your age. Get with the times or die with the past.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    To be honest, Ive listened to her songs... They all sound like re-hashed covers to me, really... But that may be because I'm very discerning in the music I listen to. The actual music is nice... Her vocals, and her lyrics.... I just don't get it... As for why men like her so much, it's like a friend of mine says: She's practically naked.

    But no, I don't see the appeal of her either, first anon poster. I mean, I can understand that to certain people she fits their taste... But god forbid if her vocals to me resemble my head being run over by a steam engine.


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