HQ “Sticky & Sweet” Tour DVD cover

Posted by Sylar On Sunday, January 17, 2010

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Source: Absolument Madonna

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    who in would want this horrific cover in hq??????


  2. Anonymous Said,

    what can I say...still in shock from finding out that this "thing" is the cover for the S&S DVD...


  3. Anonymous Said,

    High quality? Why? I guess it's a fitting final touch on what I considered a sub par performance. Just finally end the agony.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I seem to be the only one in the world who loves this cover! hehe


  5. Anonymous Said,

    i also love this cover!!!


  6. Anonymous Said,

    i like this cover...not very conventional so i love it.



  7. Anonymous Said,

    Everything since "Hard candy" looks awful. She needs a new team around her.


  8. Anonymous Said,

    I really like this cover. Sums up the whole era.


  9. KJ Zeitlian Said,

    As a graphic designer, and therefore a professional in the field, I find this to be a new low. Not something I would ever expect Madonna's art director/team to ever conjure up. And not certainly something she would approve. The taste level here is sorely lacking.

    I don't have any objections about the typograhy and the color for the title. What I don't understand is the choice of photography. Of all the gazillion shots Guy Oseary takes at her shows, what is the significance of this photo? It's not technically interesting and neither is it rather pretty? Very unfortunate choice.

    They should have used one of the gorgeous shots Mr. Oseary must have taken and created a tie-in with the book they are aboult to publish. I would even use Oseary's photos all throughout the inside booklet. Make it look lavish, which is what Madonna fans expect.

    I should know. I am one.

    That's what's missing here! Lavishly designed luxurious looking products aimed at the Madonna fan. Because, lets face it, that's who'll be buying this DVD.


  10. Carlton Said,

    Yawn......more boring, pitiful, obnoxious griping from over-indulged, self-entitled "fans" who think they deserve to have everything designed exactly to their standards and specifications. If you hate it so much, don't buy it. OR, buy it and design your own bloody case for it and SHUT THE HELL UP.


  11. Anonymous Said,

    ive been mostly unhappy with the art direction and music of the HC period but this i like. its cool. she looks hot and its different. i like the fonts as well as the 'icey' dominant colour feel. ive seen a gazillion photos of her on stage during this tour and i dont need to see another. this also ties in with the tourbook theme. to those who hate it - what's so bad about it? what do you want? did you hate the girlie show dvd cover too?


  12. Anonymous Said,

    I hate it! What's with her cheeks poking out like that? What's with the lips? Why are there 3 of her? Why not one image of her closer up.

    Her face looks mummified in the photos. I am so over her lame efforts lately!


  13. Dan Said,

    Are we sure this is the DVD cover?
    It just doesn't look the right shape.

    I don't mind it, it's a bit odd there is no "LIVE FROM BUENOS ARIES" though.


  14. Anonymous Said,

    Can't wait....I didn't get a chance to see this tour....I love the fans with the arms up having fun!!
    cool !!


  15. daan Said,

    It suits the concerts... that's all I have to say;)


  16. Anonymous Said,

    this cover might be the result of david banda playing with photoshop.
    is really sad the ammount of money that someone got paid for doing this crap,and then there are way ,way better artwork done by fans that would gladly do it for free!!!!
    is shocking that an art collector like madonna would green light that shit to represent her product.but then again it really represents the mess that was the hard candy mayhem.


  17. Anonymous Said,

    someone please slap madonna to reality!!!!


  18. Anonymous Said,

    I'm a big fan, but I am seriously bored to death with her recent output.


  19. Anonymous Said,

    It fits to her last period and I´m looking forward to the next, which should be more personal and creative - let´s finish this candy-sh..


  20. AM Bravo Said,

    I personally like the cover... The idea is similar to the one they used on the Confessions Tour cover, you know, just a photo from one of the backdrops; I think it's cool.


  21. Anonymous Said,

    I don't like the cover at all. This really could have been bettered, but I'll be probably getting it anyway...


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