When Ben met Madonna…. [Advert]

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Madonna meets GMTV's Ben Shephard and talks love, music and children.

The interview will be aired in two parts, first on Monday, December 7th and the second on the following day.

3 Responses to "When Ben met Madonna…. [Advert]"

  1. Jane Said,

    haha, she is so adorable with "Oh my god, that's me" :D super-sweet


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Yes Oh Hail The Queen! Long Live The Queen! I'm glad Her Madgesty is bringing the fan back! Start the trend Your Madgesty! Remember Vogue 1990 MTV VMA Performance? She made fan super sexy and elegant! Start totting a fan! -P


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