A-Trak producing Madonna’s “comeback” album?

Posted by Sylar On Sunday, December 27, 2009

a-trak You would find weird describing a new Madonna record as a "comeback album", unless you're Parisian hip hop and electro producer DJ Mehdi.
"I can’t wait to see N*Sync and the Backstreet Boys getting back together. Oh, and A-Trak producing Madonna’s comeback album," Mehdi told Dummy magazine's Adam Saville who asked him what he was excited about music-wise for the new decade.
DJ Mehdi is the second French producer rumoured to be involved in Madonna's first music release under the Live Nation contract. The 32 year old joins David Guetta who, as reported one month ago, told Digital Spy:
"I would love to work with Madonna. It will probably happen very soon actually. It's all in the early stages and I'm not allowed to speak about it yet."

Source: MadonnaTribe

42 Responses to "A-Trak producing Madonna’s “comeback” album?"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    MORE of this computerized DJ stuff?! What is there to come back from if it's just the same sound again?


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Can't wait!


  3. quitcherbichinn Said,

    hell of a lot better than the hip hop rap inspired shit on the last album. here's to hoping for something fresh and inventive.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    Well I hope it isnt hip hop inspired like the last album I hope its something new or a normaler sounding Madonna. I dont want another hard candy album :-( I thought it was cool but not again for the next album.


  5. Anonymous Said,


    More of the computerized music, more DJ's. Same crap different tune.

    I was really hoping for a good strong album. Something completely different, something she hasn't done. No, sounds like the same stuff, just stylized different. This album sounds like, FOR ME, a huge disappointment.

    Why are they calling it a comeback album? Coming back from what?


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Coming back from Hard Candy obviously =]

    I'd rather take a "repeat of computerized DJ music" over the american sellout, pseudo hip-hop, commercial excretion of Hard Candy any day


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Before u make any judgements wait untill u hear the album for god sake seriously sum of u people need a gud slap


  8. Anonymous Said,



  9. Anonymous Said,

    i smell a bullshit rumor...

    "The internet claims that I'm producing Madonna's next album..?"


  10. chris Said,

    Oh FGS,wait until the songs are finish !
    How can you scream:its BS ?
    Ohhhhh some "fans" are really nasty and haughty.


  11. Anonymous Said,

    Some of you bitch and moan way too much! Whatever the musical style is I'm sure Madonna will make it innovative and add the "Madonna Touch". Some people liked Hard Candy, some didn't. Either way it debut at #1 in a record breaking 37 countries and obviously Madonna has done something right as she is the Highest Selling & Touring Female Artist in History!

    Chill people. With whatever Madonna does, she can't please everyone. Yes that includes you. A favorite quoute of mine is: "I can only please one person a day. Today isn't your day. Tomorrow doesn't look so good either".

    I'm so pumped for the next album! I'm sure whatever sytle she chooses it will be great! Think about it...she's never really made a bad album. They are all either great from the beginning or they grow on you.


  12. Anonymous Said,

    she could be dead like MJ and we'd never have to worry about getting another album from her of the rest of our lives. i agree with the above post she hasnt made a terrible album her entire career and i LOVE hard candy...i think its a great ablum


  13. Anonymous Said,

    And I will repeat it yet again...CRAP! BEFORE any of you teenyboppers say anything else, I am entitled to what I think, and I am entitled to my opinion about this..and I think it is utter crap. To be going down almost the same Euro-pop, dance crap that she did with Confessions, is nothing, anything new, and working with DJ's is getting effin' tired.

    I see no cutting edge in this, she is just following everything, that everybody has done in the past year(again a little to late).

    Yes, I love the woman, but I don't have to agree nor do I have to like/love everything the woman does. Do you guys? Some of us like Erotica, some of us don't. It is a matter of opinion and taste. And some need to learn what "opinion" means. Try not to see it as jumping down her arse, more so it being a matter of taste. And this taste is getting tired from her.

    Yes I agree, I rather much this, than Hard Candy. But to do this yet again, with the blips, bleeps, computerized music instrument, computerized voice, bleep, blop, bloo...I can assure you, is NOT the route she wants to take. You all think she has to to garner sales, but is that really the route she should go to gain, POPULAR compliments? Most people are looking at her as a laughing stock(the buying public). Do you all think she has matured as an artist? To be respected by her peers and/or the buying public? Do you all think by her working with these has been DJ's is gonna do anything for her and her career?

    Let's compare the 2 GH's. IC vs. Celebration. Hrmmm..they both have 2 new songs on it. One has JML and RM, the other Celebration and Revolver, and in MY OPINION...JML and RM wipes their asses with Celebration and Revolver. Most fans would agree.

    Madonna is at a point in her career where she really does need to worry about her product and how it is promoted. She, what most people would think as "old", "she had her heyday", "she is done", "she is over", "she is following instead of leading", blah blah blah... Yes, I have heard them all, probably more times than you all have combined. Is this how you want her to go out? I sure as hell don't! Not after a almost a 30 yr fandom!(2010 will mark 29 yrs for me!)

    I just hope you are all right, that this is gonna be great.

    I do worry.



  14. Anonymous Said,

    clearly you are entitled to any opinion you'd like. but it may be wiser to reserve opinion until you've heard a note of the new music. i'd be more upset if Madonna started to worry NOW what people thought of her when she hasnt seemed to care her entire career. i dont think Madonna wants to make the album YOU'd like her to make. Madonna clearly has a lot of energy and wants to make dance/danceable music. Madonna is not and will never be OVER...what is OVER is the music business. Madonna is a hell of a survivor and i'll place my bets on her.


  15. Anonymous Said,

    Exactly...don't bitch and moan till you hear the full tracks! Till then...let's "Celebrate" and get "Sticky & Sweet" for the Highest Selling & Touring Female artist in the world!


  16. Anonymous Said,

    This album will probably be an album that she will have complete control over and it will not fit radio format since she is not with Warner no more, so will see Madonna doing great music as a result....


  17. Anonymous Said,

    art is about growing and we most amited she kinda been in ungrowing uncreative slup most of the past decade with all her focuz on family kids kabala books.charity work.and tours and dont forget the GYM! where she spends most of her time! so my point being if u want to grow as an artise why not get singging lessions? and spend lees time working out ur veiny arms?
    she needs focuss on afew good things LESS IS MORE! BURN UP THE CONTRACTS AND JUST MAKE ART WHEN U FEEL LIKE IT SHE HAS ENOUGH MONEY! it terrible when u have make art by a deadline for these compannys its so unartistic and rushed


  18. Anonymous Said,

    hard candy rocks...i'm eager to hear the new stuff. i'm just excited that she will start work on new material. let's just wait and see before passing judgment.


  19. Anonymous Said,

    she could release an album of her snoring and we could still say 'at least it's better than Hard Candy'


  20. Anonymous Said,

    i wish all you annoying teeny-bopper fans who only listen to commercial radio would put a sock in it.

    if you know a-trak, medhi and guetta's usual sound/style then you are very much able to judge the project before hearing a note of the music. whenever i hear these types of deejays associated with the next madonna album i cringe. i cringe because it seems more and more that she has become creatively LAZY. and its FRUSTRATING as a fan. where is the depth? where is the trail-blazing woman we fell in love with? if we want guetta we will listen to estelle and kelly rowland, not madonna, for christ's sake.

    i wanna slap her. wake up woman. you're losing yourself. you're money hungry. you're not thinking straight. what happened to your ART? forget the guettas and the justins and please give me some SOUL again. i miss the erotica, ray of light and american life days, i truly truly do.


  21. Anonymous Said,

    Yes, you're free to have an opinion as long as you hate Hard Candy. Seriously, Quit Your Bitching and take that whining back to the Fanzine.


  22. Anonymous Said,

    ok...MILES AWAY, VOICES, THE DEVIL WOULDNT RECOGNIZE YOU, hell even CANDYSHOP are all soulful tracks. GIVE IT 2 ME embodies everything that is Madonna. CELEBRATION is old school Madonna thru and thru. just cause she made music with people who's music you dont care for, doesnt mean its bad. in my opinion Madonna tends to raise the level of a producers game. things dont have to be deep and heavy to be soulful and every album doesnt have to solve the world's ills...sometimes u wanna good beat and something hot and sexy to say. HARD CANDY gave Madonna back a bravado a swagger her music lost. Like the street-wise Detroit girl she once was...but the girl is now a woman. and i would say a LOT of things about Madonna but to say she has been in a "creative slump" this past decade is INSANE. To make kids, charity work and touring (4 of the BEST TOURS this or any decade has EVER SEEN) seem like a bad thing amazes me. I'm just as proud as ever to be a Madonna fan she's kicked arse the last 10 years.


  23. Anonymous Said,

    Couldnt agree more guess you cant please everyone,ive loved all the albums from Ray of light and ive nothing 2moan about;)


  24. MadgeFan Said,

    If you don't like Hard Candy, FINE, but it was definitely NOT a flop. There is nothing to "come back" from! Each album has a different feel and appeals to different people. Get over yourselves! Madonna has already proven herself now let her do what she wants! GAWD!


  25. Anonymous Said,

    Look at this discussion. People already talk about her latest album while she hasn't even began recording it. THIS is one of the reasons Madonna will always be relevant. No matter what she does( or doesn't do) people (even fans)always have an opinion about her...


  26. Anonymous Said,

    I just heard from a reliable source Patrick Leonard is with working on new material with M.


  27. quitcherbichinn Said,

    "yes, you're free to have an opinion as long as you hate hard candy. Seriously, Quit Your Bitching and take that whining back to the Fanzine."

    let's be clear here...if my name isn't posted then it isn't me making a comment. the one doing all the bitching is the same as you...a nameless coward. don't accuse me of crap when it is baseless.


  28. G*E*G Said,

    We can bitch, moan complain all the hell we want. We are the ones that are putting the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in her pocket, correct? Then I am entitled to my opion..thank you very much.

    I have never, nor will I begin, turn a blind eye, just cause it is from a person I have never met in my life. I am not satisfied with an under cooked salmon, nor will I put my money towards that. Same goes with Madonna...nor do I expect half arsed crap from Madonna. I am just not gonna put my $$$$$$$$$$ down just cause it is Madonna. Sorry, been there done that.

    Celebration and Revolver are the weakest songs that she has done in a long time, and I do believe this is an effin' tired road she is going down.


  29. Anonymous Said,

    im quite confused with your comments here.
    i can bet all the money in the world that no one here has ever heard of this new producer A TRACK.
    so for people bitchin about madonna workin with the usual popular people like justin or timbaland they are just sayin "i dont like this new sound simply because it is hip hop inspired".
    Well what sound would you suggest then?
    dance pop? dance rock? dance urban?
    guys madonna is a dance artist so she aint going to give you an all balland slow jams album anytime soon. give it up!!!


  30. Jauri Aragon Said,

    This doenst look good she needs to change the direction ,(Hip Hop and supossely dance tunes) another silly teenny pop album is very 2000's is done , it was fun!I'm not bitching myself but now Next!!! I bet shes not doing this crap again , we already have Hard Candy I dont think we need another one .
    I Hope Madonna reinvent herself and show some respect for the other audiences that are not ten pop teenagers , where us the Punk? Rock ? or even elegant "Frozen " Madonna? Im sure she still have some of that majestic " Vogue" Fire somewhere , I would not care for anotehr middle age crisis Madonna record , trying to make the point that she is still young poppy silly , we got it now madge , we got your point , now put away the bubble gum and lets have an adult record , Thanks!


  31. ricky Said,

    comeback album? when did she ever disappear?

    i love Hard Candy, but I thought that Madonna was going somewhere wonderful with the underappreciated American Life album.

    great to hear she's working with Patrick Leonard.


  32. Anonymous Said,

    I´d love to hear something like "You´ll see" again", something deeply, something not-hard-candy!


  33. G*E*G Said,

    First off, I will say, "how am I confusing you?" How hard is that to understand that yes I am a fan of this woman, but yet I don't have to buy everything, nor own everything, this woman does, just cause she is Madonna.

    Second, I do not want an "all-ballad" album by Madonna. ZzzzzZzzzzZzzzz. I always here her talking about how she "thinks outside the box" Like in PuNk! Well why not do that? How about rock? She turns her songs into rock songs at her concerts. Why not infuse something like Electo/Rock/Punk/dance..or whatever you want to add to that mix.. and make a whole new genre for her. Something she has never done, something new and fresh from her, BESIDES playing it safe and using these damn DJ's that were used yesterday(meaning last year or so).

    I am looking for something from her with more meaning and more depth, and more cutting edge, or to use her own words, "outside the box".


  34. Anonymous Said,

    G*E*G dude as i said before Madonna is a DANCE artist.. Do you understand the word: DANCE!!!!!!
    Shes not going to give you punk or metal or alt rock.. i mean come on Madonna is not goin to leave the dancefloor. so forget about it.
    if you are after that start listenin to avril lavigne or courtney love or whoever does that music and now they are basically over.
    There is a lot of dance sounds that she hasnt explored yet.
    funky house, electro, bassline, speed garage...
    Maturity is not given by the sound or just guitars chords.... its in the LYRICS. then yes i agree with you guys she needs to work harder on that..


  35. G*E*G Said,

    I am not saying leave it! For crying out loud, just do something different for a change. I do understand that she is a DANCE artist, but if you really want to be more specific, she is POP..meaning POPULAR. So your argument there is mute.

    Madonna was much more experimental in her earlier in her career. So if she thinks dance is right, then please do tell me why these past few albums/songs have not done so well?

    All I am saying is do something different, at least for her first album with LN. WOW us. Give us something to sink our teeth into, musically and lyrically(which her lyrics have been weak for awhile now).


  36. Anonymous Said,

    dude her songs aint doin so well simply because the woman has been around for nearly 30 years.
    if you can name me just 1 single artist from the 80's (yes early 80's) whos able to be relavant and still has top 10 hits then... yes you are right.
    madonna has now showing her potential on the road. making albums or songs is nolonger her strong suit.
    by makin punk or rock or whateva you are suggesting shes still not being innovative. that music has been around for much longer than the lady herself.
    so ok..no rock kinda shit? what else? all djs and producers nowadays are all the same. thanks to youtube and the internet in general everybody is out there. theres no such a thing as underground scene music nomore!! wake up man!!!!
    personally i trust her instincts.. she might not have top songs anymore but i still think of her as artistically fresh.. if even the likes of rihanna or britney who are much younger than madonna are giving us the same old shit every album they put out i think madonna is actually ahead of the game.


  37. G*E*G Said,

    Really, top ten hits? Ok that is interesting...considering her last top ten hit(I am in the USA, so that is where I am basing my charts statistics from) was none other than with Justin. It was a freakin' collaboration.

    And yes, ok so if you want to base with what you said, on yeah she is topping the charts..but with other people. Sorry, again you argument is weak.

    Rock, punk, yes have been around longer than her, great, nothing wrong with that, obviously it has staying power, considering, it is still around today. DUH! Those are two genres that she really hasn't touched. Also, I really couldn't care less if the songs and/or album on the next album go to #1 or #100.

    But like I said in my OP, todays music buying public, are looking at Madonna as "old", "a has been", "she's over" etc etc etc....she is not ahead of the game...IN THEIR EYES! She needs that WOW factor, for EVERYONE...her fans and non-fans. Celebration and Revolver are a testement to that.

    But I will state this yet again, and that is Madonna and her artistic merits(lyrically and musically..FOR ME, have dwindled!)

    I think it is you who needs to "wake up man" and realize that the route that Madonna has/is taking...just is not working for her anymore. It just isn't.

    And a lil information for you, I am not a man, I am a woman. ;)


  38. Anonymous Said,

    But you base your info totally on the USA( because that's where you're from) If you bothered to look besides the border you would find that every single hit Madonna has had the last couple of years were no major hits in the USA but everywhere else. Seems like the USA is the one with a problem. Oh yeah that's right it's called lack of airplay...


  39. Anonymous Said,

    G*E*G darling
    you still dont get it do you?
    the music industry is dead! completely gone and hits or no hits or airplay or no airplay whatever... nobody bothers with that nomore simply because the money is not there!! now its all about touring.. artists make albums to promote the tour.. years ago it used to be the way round. so all in all madonna hasnt lost her wow factor or how you call it. people turned out to her concerts in millions!!
    ok the last 10 top hit madonna has was with justin timberlake... so what? she still had one!even lady gaga who is considered to be the hottest thing at the moment shes making duets..
    lets trust madonna for once... we still dont know what shes got in stores for us.
    i am positive she ll come out with something huge this time considering she has more artistic freedom...
    lets form our opinions after we listen to the new material...
    all in all whether is good or bad stuff its not goin to damage madonnas career in the slightest.. she survived the game.. she made it! she doesnt need to prove anything!
    shes a living legend!!!!


  40. G*E*G Said,

    Exactly..that is the reason as to why she is not doing nothing in the USA. NO AIRPLAY..I agree. So then tell me why do you think that she is getting no airplay. I can answer that, and I am pretty sure you can answer that as well.

    And yes, I said I am basing this on where I LIVE. I do know that she has done extremely well in other countries. Again, I have stated this many times, I have been a fan for almost 29 yrs. now. I do know she is something on the global scale, wouldn't you say so? Geesh! I do know that the USA is not the end all of the end all's and I do understand the music industry has changed..DRAMATCALLY.

    I know what I am talking about(as I am in the music industry). And yes, she has lost some of that WOW factor..in an all around circle. YES SHE HAS. Eventually, people are not gonna be able to afford her ticket prices.

    So this goes back to the music and releasing music, and I can assure you,about 99% of the teenager population(which is your biggest demographic music buying market) do not want to hear Madonna talking about, "her sugar is raw", "sticky and sweet", "I guess I don't recognize you with your clothes on", "my love is a revolver, my sex is a killer". NO they do not. and the repeated crap lyrics, "no time for waiting, no hesitation" over and over.

    She needs to go away for awhile, and FEEL, LIVE, insipiration.

    She is a living legend,like I don't know that. Please do not belittele me, little one.

    I trusted her up to Celebration, now I am not to sure about this, with Guetta on board I really don't know. Mehdi on board, COULD be interesting. It is up to how "they work it". And as we can almost confirm 99.9% that the A-
    Trak rumor was just that...A RUMOR(as per se on A-Trak's twitter page).


  41. Anonymous Said,

    I don't understand why some of you folks are saying Hard Candy was hip hop sounding.... The only song off Hard Candy that was Hip Hop sounding was 4 Mins, the rest weren't.... Heart Beat and Incredible were two good songs off that album.... I remember the fans were all complaining about Confession On A Dance Floor before it came out just solely based on a leaked snippet that was released on the Internet of Hung Up.... And look how good Confessions On A Dance Floor turned out! Seriously chill out and wait for the album to come out before criticized the Producers and Madonna.... And if it happens to be an album I don't like then who cares, because there were plenty albums from her I disliked!


  42. Anonymous Said,

    a few points:

    i loved confessions - but i don't want another one thank you.

    it's all well and good to sit there and say that 'it's all about touring, not so much albums' but what is a tour without good new music as the foundation? isn't that at the heart of a great tour, a collection of great songs? or is madonna just going to churn out tours that rest on her back catalogue?

    i agree wholeheartedly with G*E*G - the woman needs to live and get away from it all but i fear she is such a workaholic and so distracted by things other than music that this is impossible.

    i want to meet her and tell her this as i fear she is only listening to the middle-aged woman voice in her head and the 'yes' people around and has lost some perspective.


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