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Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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  1. KJ Zeitlian Said,

    What did I read correctly? Guy Oseary won an award for Best Manager? Are you kidding me?

    This just goes to show that the bottom line is more important now than creative expression. Just because Madonna can sell concert tickets and make millions does not mean that she is being managed well. At this point Madonna should care only about being as creative as she can be to leave behind a flawless legacy, not selling the most concert tickets. Sadly, signing on with LiveNation does not point in the right direction.

    Where's the innovation and art? Seems to me that Mr. Oseary does not understand why true Madonna fans have stuck by her for over 25 years. I have stopped witnessing an artistic journey and am now just a spectator to a money making juggernaut.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    I think Guy Oseary and her Management team have done a GREAT job! Keep in mind the music business has done a 180 degree turn in the past 5-10 years and that it's a totally different industry. Album sales have dropped sharply, so in that respect Madonna and her team have done a great job in staying ahead of the game buy having such a strong touring pressence.

    Madonna is the top solo touting artist in History!!! That's an amazing accomplishment. Madonna and her team could have tried to sit there with there hands in there pockets wondering what to do about album sales but they've been very proactive, not reactive. Album sales have dropped for everyone. Yes, Madonna is the highest selling female artist, but now she has a new title under her belt with the top touring artist. And ticket sales are the new album sales with the drop in album sales!

    Think of the artist that will be left in the dust and become irrelevant because they didn't adapt to the change in the music business (i.e. Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, etc).

    In this repsect, Madonna, Guy Oseary and her team of done a great job! To me this is very innovative and the the art is still there, if you would look closer Sticky & Sweet is a masterpiece! Therefore, I don't agree when people slam Madonna's team cause they are doing a pretty damn good job considering the circumstances.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Well said the post above me! Guy is great for Madonna made the right choice with Live Nation! Other artist will decease, Madonna will rein supreme....


  4. Anonymous Said,

    Hi MadgeTribe

    Madonna needs our help at Virgin Media Awards 2009. She's nominateed for Best Solo Female, but she's losing. Let's vote:


  5. quitcherbichinn Said,

    you aren't getting the point in what KJ is saying and i have to agree with him/her. her management is shit and so was WB. it's been YEARS since innovative and creative videos have been produced by madonna and it has been years since the proper promotion has been utilized. madonna pioneered the music video and made it something much more than trvial and trite garbage. sadly in the last decade the videos have become trite garbage. there has been no promotion. there hasn't been much of anything. she doesn't work with innovative people anymore. now we get timbaland? possible snoop dogg? come on! she used to SET trends...she used to get people talking. now she follows trends 5 years too late.

    i want the madonna that i grew up knowing. i've been a fan since the very beginning and i remember clearly how fresh and creative she once was. she was risque and defying and set the world on fire and inspired generations.

    it's great she has followed the times and understands that album sales won't give her the millions she is accustomed's great she knows she needs to tour and do so more often. i'll be the last to complain over this aspect. it gives more shows and more opportunities to see her do what she does best. but she doesn't need to do so at the sacrifiece of integrity, creativity, and promotion.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Blah Blah Blah I want Madonna to do this or do that. She isnt as good as before. Waaaa Waaaa all I hear. I have to roll my eyes everytime I hear people comparing her now to her past. The fact of the matter is is that she dosent need to bow down to anyone she can do w.e. the fuck she wants. She has so much money and power and always controlled what was going on. She knows what she is doing. So if she is happy doing what ever she is doing than that is her business. Why spend so much time and effort doing an album and touring for it if she hates it or isnt passionate about what she is doing. As long as she is happy I am happy. Of course there are going to be things not as good as before or somethings that are better but like one of her songs says NOBODIES PERFECT. So give it a rest and be greatful that dhes not doing the same shit all the time and that at 51 years old she is still going strong. I have seen all her tours and heard all her studio albums and I have no complaints. Because I see the beauty in everything she does. I might not be thrilled at everything but I dont have to be. I know who she is and what she stands for. And she will never be anything but number one to me no matter what she does. I look at who is Madonna the person and she still is the most beautiful to me flaws and all.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    hey is this the article that was mentioned awhile back? or is this another tribute? cuz i thought they already did this issue when i heard about it awhile back?

    anyway how cool to see them pay tribute to her.

    u know back in the day when i was a chart freak i would always go for years to the local book stores/stands or wherever i can to find this magazine i always used to check out the charts
    mostly just to see if madge was on

    but since i bought my own laptop afew years ago it replaced Books/Magazines/Radio/TV almost all other media for the most part so now i just check out the online sites instead.

    but im gonna make an exception
    and try to go get this issue or at least spend afew hrs reading in at a local new stand while the old lady working there gives an evil eye and mumbles blasphemies under her breath
    at folks who sit there and



  8. Anonymous Said,

    You can sit there and say that Madonna isn't innovative anymore but I don't agreee. She is still very innovative. And that's saying a lot for a 3 decade career. Actually she's the only artist that can still say she's innovative after 27 years!

    And you say that she worked w Timbaland after he was a fad...and that she used to set the trends, not follow them. Well she also had moments of not setting the trend which is fine. She didn't really set a trend with the Bedtime Stories ablum cause she worked with very known producers. What Im saying is that you guys can nit pick every decision she makes but the bottom line is that as a fan I trust her decisions creatively and artistically.

    And another point is no matter what she does, she can't please everyone. A favorite quote of mine is "I can only please one person a day. Today isn't your day and tomorrow doesn't look so good either".

    Bottome Line: If you read the article, it says how Live Nation is going to give Madonna the freedom she needs as an artist. I am so excited for the Live Nation venture! Also, her management team has done a great job. SO what if her show are big money makers??? Why is that a bad thing? That's such a weak argument and its actually a great thing that her creative, innovative shows are big money makers and have earned her a spot in HISTORY! In my opinion, Madonna is still as atistict and innovative as ever!


  9. Anonymous Said,

    The post above this one, right on! They complain, at least she's still singing and performing, who cares what she does next! I haven't had a problem yet with anything she does, and if I did, I would tune her out! Guy has made great choices for her, the biggest the Live Nation deal!


  10. KJ Zeitlian Said,

    I would like to add my last two cents on this matter.

    If I were Madonna's manager, the next musical project I would suggest to Madonna is that she should release the next album accompanied by a video album. A video compilation of the album with high production music video clips for each track in High Definition on Blu-Ray/DVD. I would get each video directed by an up-and-coming director of different genres. Each video would have its own art production and costumes done by designers Madonna likes. She of course collaborates on all aspects. She then takes the concepts in these videos and translates them in all forms of media from her website and merchandising to her next world tour. Hit all areas on the entertainment outlets. Music, TV, Video, Live Performance....Total product saturation. A Madonna Event!

    But on the condition that creativity, innovation and high artistic expression will be paramount.

    There you go.
    Total 360 aspect of Madonna's next career move.
    If you couple Madonna's art with attention paid to her fanbase, we might actually try to have her sainted.

    I am not criticizing Madonna, just her management. I simply do not agree that Guy Oseary deserves this.


  11. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna is still very creative and innovative as a singer, songwriter, performer, and business woman. Her deal with Live Nation was groundbreaking and her last few albums have been either very catchy (Confessions on a dance floor), risky (American Life), or all many things in one!

    And Hard Candy is going to be one of those albums where you look back in a few years and you are like "damn, that was a great album" kinda like Erotica. And Music and Ray of Light were both masterpieces and innovative for many, many reasons!

    And her breathtaking! Each one is sooooo different and each one is sooooo deep for its own reason and sooooo fun for its own reason.

    My only complaint...I wish the Sticky & Sweet Tour recieved a higher TV audience in the US. EpixHD premiered it online and on TV back in October but not many people knew of that.

    My hat goes off to Madonna for being Madonna, and her team (Guy and Live Nation) for "oiling the machine". Job Well done M and team.


  12. Anonymous Said,

    The Sticky & Sweet DVD in March! I heard that straight from Arthur Fogel's (Live Nation CEO of Global Touring) mouth!

    March will be here before we know it! And before people start freaking out about a March release...that is only 6 months after the tour ended! So in that respect its not that bad!


  13. Anonymous Said,

    We should be thankful she's here and still giving us Music, then complaining what she should do professionally....


  14. Anonymous Said,

    KJ--that is a brilliant idea. Please suggest that to her management.

    I agree that Guy isn't a great manager when it comes to her artistic & fan aspect of her career, he is only good at brokering money deals. She needs a co-manager to handle the other aspect.


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