Madonna gets "Brainwashed"

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, December 12, 2009

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  1. Radio Gaga Said,

    Typical suppossely "Artist" of L.A
    First of all the iconic image resembles Marylin Monroe because of the photographer who inspired in Andy Warhol made this shot happnes the way we know it .
    Now this "artist" put some watercolors on it and claim to be creator of the new Marlylin Monroe image on Madonna , common!!
    Note ot everyone , just bceause you know have a horrible strong foreing accent , doesnt mean you are betetr or more artistic , it just means you are too lazy to learn to speak english properly.
    this happens a lot I noticed


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Mr. Brainwash put two photos of Madonna together to create this image. Andy was a big fan of Madonna and also a friend, so nearly thirty years later for a graffiti artist to pay homage to both her, him, and Marilyn the way both Madonna and Andy did is fitting and quite frankly, perfect.

    Also, these are mixed media but primarily silkscreened, and the paint, when he uses it, is probably acrylic.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    lol at the warhol stan.


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