Listen: "Borderline" (Recording Session)

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thanks to Paul!

8 Responses to "Listen: "Borderline" (Recording Session)"

  1. omg that is soo cute!!

    "Borderline... over the bord... WHAT?!?"


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Her voice sounded so young and fresh, even today not mush has changed with her voice!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    I wonder how she would feel if someone told her at that time that she'll become the most successful female artist of all time and that her career would still be at it's peak more than 25 years later. What an amazing journey!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    She would say that she knew that she would become the most succesfullt female artist of all time!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Love her personality. I think that is what got me at the beginning. Her music was great and her visuals but she had SPUNK! and ENERGY.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    amazing.. what a treasure. it is raw.


  7. Michael Said,

    This is a treasure; wow!


  8. Anonymous Said,

    Brilliant! I LOVE the raw, stressful sound her voice makes. No, she is not the best singer, but her inflections push her over the top. Love Madonna forever.


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