“Sticky & Sweet” DVD release NOT in December!?

Posted by Sylar On Sunday, November 01, 2009

Guy Oseary replying to a message of a fan regarding the revealed release date of Sticky & Sweet Tour: Live From Buenos Aires:

It will not be ready by then.. We are working on finishing it.. We will have more info soon on Madonna.com.. Stay tuned..”

17 Responses to "“Sticky & Sweet” DVD release NOT in December!?"

  1. MADCV Said,

    I told you it's out in January already!
    Silly billys.
    It was taken off Warners Christmas release list and delayed.
    Till Jan 21st I believe


  2. anton Said,

    but Guy said the DVD was ready, that's why they couldn't include the bonus 3 songs from 2009. Maybe they're including after all?


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Who cares? We'll all see a bootleg version before then anyway.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    NOT READY? what the *...*?! It's been more than a year since it was filmed...


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Don't Forget about the Reinvention Tour, it's been five years...


  6. MADCV Said,

    the reason its not out is cos of it being on cable/online streaming and stuff first.
    it's whoevers showing it lasts fault for it not being out.
    naughty cable/online streaming ruining our good times


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Yeah I am kinda pissed that I had to wait a year plus for something that is already filmed. To Guy Oseary not finished doing what the fuck!? It has aired on tv in several different countries. It is viewable on youtube in hd as well as the behind the scenes footage being able to be seen. Unless you are putting the new stuff in from 09 like a recent person just stated then like WTF! Seriously like really what is the hold up this fucking dvd should have been released a long time ago. What the fuck are you working on the main menu stle and backdrop LMAO Sorry for all the cursing but damn this waiting for something I have seen in person and on youtube in hd is annoying. We arent done yet we are still working lmao on what guy on what


  8. zak Said,

    if this doesnt come out on blu ray im buying mariahs new album (god nearly made myself sick with that comment lol)


  9. Anonymous Said,

    if you have verizon fios cable you can see it on there EPIX channel. the funny thing is they are showing the Buenos Aires DVD so what isnt ready?? the shows (as we all know) is AMAZING and its edited much much better than the (BRILLIANT) Confessions Tour DVD


  10. Anonymous Said,

    Maybe they're adding the footage the show that was recorded in Sofia, Bulgaria 8/29/09 (MJ's 51st B-Day RIP)from what was reported recently over the summer. Maybe they're adding an option on the DVD menu whether you want to hear Madonna's real voice or remastered voice (?)


  11. Anonymous Said,

    W.e. they are doing they should let the fans know what is the exact reason for the hold up.


  12. Anonymous Said,

    I was hoping that the sticky and sweet part 2 would get a separate release, she looks so much better there


  13. Anonymous Said,

    enough of all that. i just need madonna to get in touch with me. i want to go to the kushi institute for a 3 month course and i need madonna's assistance, financially of course. this is a fabulous macrobiotic school and i must go.

    come on girl, i've been supporting you for 30 years, albums, movies etc... now it's my turn.

    help meeeeeeee please! i am punta gorda, florida.


  14. Anonymous Said,

    This is the cherry on the top hyper disgusting mega bullshit. Dear Guy-O and Madge (I doubt u will personally ever read this, but...), I can't believe u are still trying to make people swallow that it's not ready. What kind of fan disrespect is that. I mean, we are just thirsty for this kind of stuff and will pay for all of that crap. I have all kinds of versions of the BAT, RIT and now S&S Tours, but what is it that u guys don't understand??? This is REVOLTING and make all Madonna fans feel like crap. T
    Thank you (now I'm feeling better ^,^


  15. Anonymous Said,

    I'm a little disappointed that the DVD release date has been put back as I wanted it as an Xmas present. But to be honest, anything that Madge has to offer is worth waiting for. It was an incredible tour! I agree that Madge did look so much better when she did the tour second time around. Love yer Madge - keep up the good work!!!


  16. Anonymous Said,

    You can already buy a bootleg people-I've had one for over 3 months now. It's from Argentina, they aired it in Europe a while back.-but it's in Pal format so if you don't have a region free DVD player you'll have to convert it yourself.
    God-Catch Up!


  17. Anonymous Said,

    The lawsuit between Warner Brothers and Live Nation is WHY IT HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED! They are fighting over the rights to it. Is always about money! THAT IS ALSO WHY YOU CAN NOT GET ANSWER FROM ANYONE ON IT BEING RELEASED! THEY CAN"T TALK ABOUT IT.



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