Madonna lands in Rio

Posted by Sylar On Monday, November 09, 2009

0,,32911098,00 Madonna landed in Rio de Janeiro with a private flight from Sao Paulo and arrived at her hotel at around 12 noon today - surrounded by flocks of paparazzi who also had some (not only verbal) arguments with the security officers.
This is the beginning of Madonna's visit to Brazil which is supposed to be filled of meetings but did not capture the attention of the International press - so far - apart from some quite easy and obvious speculations about her meeting with Jesus Luz's family.

Source: Madonnatribe, photo from Quem

3 Responses to "Madonna lands in Rio"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    What is Steven Klein doing there? Another photoshoot/videoshoot? :O


  2. Anonymous Said,

    I dont see Steven Klein. If you mean the guy to the far left with the cap I thought that was Jesus no?


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Steven there is to meet parents of his boyfriend Jesus


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