Madonna, Jesus and Klein out in Rio

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, November 10, 2009
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Source: Globo

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    What a beautiful woman..! Simply stunning. And if that's an Audi A4, I have that exact model...not sure of the year though (I'm sure a 2010). I was so excited when I found out the Queen rides in the same car I drive!

    OMG Why is it soooo hard to post an effin comment on this site?? I tried posting for like 10 minutes....

    Anyway. The work that Madonna's doing is simply courageous and very breathtaking. I am so glad that her work will be going outside of Malawi so that dumb people with dumb opinions can see that her work is genuine. Not that she has to prove that.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    That's not an Audi, that's a Mercedes.


    01. People who work at Fasano Hotel CAN'T look at her.

    02. People who work at Fasano Hotel CAN'T say anything to her. "Good morning"? NEVER.

    03. She's got the whole 7th floor.

    04. The elevator goes until the 6th. To go to the 7th, the person needs a password (numbers). The authorised people give it. For example: Jesus' mother needed the number, so, the staff gave her one.

    05. The stairs have 2 huge bodyguards, so you can't go to the 7th floor using the stairs.

    06. The hotel has another 6 or 7 bodyguards, protecting the "perimeter".

    Maybe there are more, but I just know these by now. ashuahsuahusuhash


  3. Anonymous Said,

    I couldn't agree more with the above comment.


  4. frozen_fever Said,

    I'm so sick of seeing them together. I cannot believe they have been together this long already. He doesn't even seem like he has anything in common with her.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    c'mon guys. jesus is steven klein's boyfriend.

    everybody at their entourage know it.

    it's all a charade for the guy's breakup.


  6. Carlton Said,

    I'm not understanding how you can be sick of seeing them together. Nothing in common? You know them both personally?

    Why does Madonna need to tailor her personal life to make a fan happy? It's just another insane expectation, even more bizarre and ridiculous than those idiots who seem to think she should have contacted them personally to assemble the tracklist for Celebration.

    It's her life and her career and her art. She doesn't need your opinion or refereeing to run it.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    LOL're not the only one.

    They are supposed to be dating, correct? Then why in the hell is it that everytime you see them together, he is walking a)behind her b )walking behind her and another person(ie; Steven Klein, a bodyguard(where Jesus SHOULD BE)). c) a&b

    That really don't make any sense.

    As for the statement above...oh see we stand corrected now...Madonna didn't go see Jesus' mother, his mother went to see Madonna, so see that makes sense now..Madonna didn't go to Brazil to meet Jesus' mother, it is the other way around. She went to Brazil, for Jesus' mother to meet her...LOL!!!! There's our girlie! She meets no one..they meet her! LOLOLOLOL!!!!

    And is insane around that hotel, as it should be. I wouldn't put it past some crazy, rascally, fan to do trying to get on her floor. LOL!!!


  8. Anonymous Said,

    I'm pretty sure M and Jesus are together. Will it last? Probably not. Who cares. Good on her. He is hot. And as for the security at a Hotel, that is typical of any major star. And needed for a star of Madonna's magnitude.


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