Watch: highlights of Letterman interview

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, October 01, 2009

Thanks to ttse92!

7 Responses to "Watch: highlights of Letterman interview"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    I love her!!! So Yummy and Fabu!!! Long Live The Queen!!! Go out and buy the Celebration album! I was bummed to find out that Her Madgesty didnt make it to number 1 for this week's billboard!


  2. frozen_fever Said,

    That was one of her best interviews I think on his show. She seemed upbeat and happy, which always makes a good interview for her. Although, I've never seen her more perky than on Rosie's show when it was on the air.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Definitely a good time to be out of America :D


  4. Jauri Aragon Said,

    Ok I'm a pizza junkie so the fact that Madonna is having some it makes me less guilty lol, and fuck yeah!i , the Bush years were a good time to be away , and now shes back as fabulous as ever and having pizza , are you happy? I'm :-)Thnaks for posting


  5. JloNash Said,

    OMG she hit her head on the door... look closely at the beginning!!


  6. Anonymous Said,

    i noticed that too!! and she pretended to be nothing happened LOL~~ i cant help replaying that particular scene over and over =D


  7. Anonymous Said,

    LMAO she did hit her head. Awww and I could tell she was embarrased after she mistakenly said arrested. I want to give her a huge she still is so fragile. I think she gets nervous really quickly on interviews in front of the public but on the phone and private ones she seems alot more relaxed and herself.


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