Sticky & Sweet Tour to premiere on EPIX

Posted by Sylar On Wednesday, October 28, 2009

this Friday (Oct. 30)

Millions of Madonna fans – 3.5 million at 85 shows in 32 countries, to be exact – were lucky enough to witness the pop megastar’s record-breaking “Sticky & Sweet Tour” live before it wrapped in September. But there are still millions more who never saw the show, which until now, hasn’t been broadcast for fans in US.

So there is no doubt that we are proud to present this exclusive video of “Into the Groove” from her Buenos Aires show before its world premiere on EPIX.

Source: Billboard

6 Responses to "Sticky & Sweet Tour to premiere on EPIX"

  1. Dimity Kermudgeon Said,

    Well, the DVD has been delayed till Jan 2010 because its on practically every cable network world wide right now.
    So hopefully they'll put the new bits on the dvd and other extra things.
    But i'm sure they won't


  2. Anonymous Said,

    wtf is epix? i dont have that channel and i doubt many people do. i was excited to see this, but i guess i wont be able to...sigh.

    this needs to air on a network station or on MTV


  3. Anonymous Said,

    yeah...I have a bunch of channels by satellite but what the hell is epix??


  4. Anonymous Said,

    It dosent matter the whole tour has been viewable on youtube in hd for a while now. I really hate those fuckers for making people wait more than a year for a dvd that wont have any new stuff from the second leg. What a fucking croc


  5. Anonymous Said,

    How is it a "world premiere"?? It was broadcast on Sky1 in the UK ages ago?


  6. Anonymous Said,

    In the US it is nowhere to be found.. so I dont know what country you live in but in the US its non-existent.


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