No video for “Revolver”?

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, October 01, 2009

Guy Oseary responded to a fan, asking him whether Revolver will also get a music video treatment, saying “don’t think so”.

Furthermore, he also commented that new songs from Sticky & Sweet  2009 won’t be a part of the DVD release, but they were filmed in Israel and they are trying to find a way to release those performances to fans.

Sources: Twitter, Madonna Fanzine

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  1. Anonymous Said,



  2. Anonymous Said,

    HE said there at the moment there are no plans he said the same about celebration ..its such a shame if it isnt i mean somebody could have had this song and made it a worldwide smash hit and if madonna doesnt release a video it will fail


  3. Anonymous Said,

    oh for f*cks sake! c'mon!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I wanna see "Its so cool" like "single" with video.

    SS Tour DVD - without Frozen and Holiday???
    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! :-(((


  5. Anonymous Said,

    guys there was no video for Rescue Me as well in 90's.. And I am not really getting the feeling that she's promoting her new GHits.
    She's already in the Live nation family, rather then in Warner's....


  6. Th0m4s1993 Said,

    I can't put into words how stupid Madonna and her camp are if they don't promote Revolver. It's got HIT written all over it!


  7. Anonymous Said,

    To me Revolver it's an average song....... Nothing new but still Ok to listen to on my ipod. Do you think US radio stations would play it??? I think not....


  8. Anonymous Said,

    Not surprised- the song's not even on the single-disc version of the GH.


  9. Anonymous Said,

    Oh god,revolver is a great song, with or without a video !


  10. Anonymous Said,

    Does Guy Oseary ever has a a business talk with Madonna? He never knows anything... Re-Intention DVD? Remastered version of Like A Prayer? She's does not want to spend a dime on a video. Madonna used to be the greatest video artist. Now she only want to play live, Why? Cause we are living in a Material World and She's a Material Girl. Just for the record: a I am fan since 1984, I am not a hater. Still, HQ videos that surface on some websites have better quality that those on the Celebration DVD. Hey Warner, shall we move to Blueray???? Revolver is OK, but no more ass shaking, pleaseeeeee...........


  11. Anonymous Said,

    The people at Warner are the ones living in a material wonder she left them.


  12. Anonymous Said,

    I really think there should be a video for Revolver. It is current, American sounding. And I think much more radio friendly than Celebration.


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