Madonna feat. Lady Gaga at Saturday Night Live

Posted by Sylar On Sunday, October 04, 2009

Here’s Madonna’s surprise appearance at Saturday Night Live last night, performing in a “Deep House Dish” sketch with Lady Gaga.

Thanks to SuperPop for a HD video!

15 Responses to "Madonna feat. Lady Gaga at Saturday Night Live"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    lol omg...i thought this was fake. so cute! love it.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    I love them both haha
    Madonna looks hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    She needs to more of this to get back in USA market. Really funny, I would not trade Madonna for Gaga in anything. She looks hot and a killer!!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    dam Madonna is hot as hell i cant believe shes 51 and looks that amazing,thers no other women that age look that hot,superwoman


  5. Anonymous Said,



  6. Anonymous Said,

    OMG!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Thank you Sylar for posting it!!! I am sooo happy! This made my day! Lady Gaga is delusional! Madonna is the HOTTEST! I love both but I love Her Madgesty more! Yes! We want Her Madgesty to do more SNL. Justin and Her should do something so Her Madgesty will get an Emmy! Woohoo! I can already tell Her Madgesty will have an amazing stuffs for us real soon...


  7. SuperPop Said,

    Here is my better quality video:



  8. Thanks "SuperPop" I'll post it in my page if you don't mind it!


  9. Anonymous Said,

    she looks great!...but the skit wasn't funny...damn writers


  10. Anonymous Said,

    This skit could had been so much better, it proves SNL remains boring.


  11. Anonymous Said,

    Yeah it wasnt really funny at all. But it was great to see more of Madonna especially with Lady Gaga. She was normal this time and that is what I wanted to see her like not in any crazy outfits. Madonna definitely was more striking than Gaga in my opinion. But that was really cool to see. I wouldnt mind if they collaborated or did a duet it seems like it would be hot/cool.


  12. Anonymous Said,

    Lady Gag gag saying she's hotter? I know its scripted, but NEVER. Madonna looked freakin amazing!


  13. Anonymous Said,

    "What the hell is a disco stick?!" LMAO!


  14. TinkerTenor Said,

    Yeah she looked great, and I agree this sort of thing will help get her more recognition on US radio. But seriously this skit was AWFUL....awkward even.


  15. JloNash Said,

    Hey check my blog... I've made an advert for S&S.. pleaseee :P


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