M out for dinner in London [October 21st]

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, October 22, 2009
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Source: Daily Mail

6 Responses to "M out for dinner in London [October 21st]"

  1. wow she looks so stunning... gorgeous... :)


  2. Anonymous Said,

    wow she looks so stunning and gorgeous is absolutely right keep this look Madge!:)


  3. Anonymous Said,

    reminds me of Something To Remember Cover and the VH1 Fashion Awards where she received a special award given by no other than her first ex Sean Penn and she said "that was very dirty"...and she hasn't age at all!!!!


  4. Paul Said,

    Dear Madonna

    Enough of the gloves already!!!

    (otherwise, beautiful!)


  5. Anonymous Said,

    The best Madonna in ages...yeah,those gloves don't really match but hey, let's not be too fussy. Taking the chance to say how proud I am of our Madgesty after seeing robbie and whitney making a fool of themselves. They should take example from the Queen and get some dignity and self discipline. Viva Madonna!


  6. AM Bravo Said,

    I personally love the whole gloves business...


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