Living Legend - Madonna

Posted by Sylar On Friday, October 23, 2009

Liz Smith profiles Madonna — the most successful female rock artist of all time — in Q, Quest’s quarterly magazine. Here we present the full story as Liz wrote it. To see the article as it appeared in Q, click here.

4 Responses to "Living Legend - Madonna"

  1. mdollafan Said,

    She's Pop, not rock... damn it


  2. Anonymous Said,

    "the most successful female rock artist of all time"



  3. Anonymous Said,

    Excellent Article. Bravo Bravo. I Did Dissagree With Several Remarks/Comments About Her Such As Baring Her Body But Not Her Soul Or The Fact That She Is Clearly Driven By The Profite Motive Direct Quote. Totally Wrong. I Don't Agree With Madonna Continuing Because Of The Money But Because Of Her Wanting To Make A Difference And Simply Expressing Herself. Her Soul Is Bared In Her Music, Imagery And Her Intentions. And She Has A Beautiful Soul As Jesse McCartney Once Put It. But Besides A Few Tid Bits This Woman Was Dead On About Madonna And Her Essence. I Really Loved And Enjoyed This Article Especially Cause She Denounced The Haters And Bashers. I Love The Fact People Detest The Inability To Hurt And Stop You. Success Is And Can Be The Best Revenge. Madonna Has Been Like A Run Away Train Since The Beginning Of Her Career And Is Still Going, No One Has Stopped Her Like Her Song Give It 2 Me Implies And I Am So Glade. I Watched The SNL Skit And Even At 51 She Looks Better Than Gaga At 23 Several Times As Much In My Opinion. Though I Have Always Thought Madonna Was Incredibly Beautiful Inside And Out. I Have Been A Fan Since My Childhood And Listening To Her Before I Was Born Cause My Mom Did While I Was Being Born. Her Favorite Song Papa Don't Preach. My Fav Album Bedtime Stories Song Inside Of Me. I Am 22 Now And Madonna Is Number One In My Life. Almost Everything She Does, Says In Interviews, Her Songs, Her Concerts Are A Reflection Of my Heart, Mind And Soul. And I Have Seen And Heard Every Album And Concert. Her Two Documentaries Etc. So It's Kind Of Like Fate I Discovered Her And Was Listening To Her All This Time. Open Your Heart Was The First Song I Became Hooked I Heard While Driving With My Parents In Manhattan New York When I Was A Kid (Born And Raised In The Bronx). Anyway I Just Wanted To Share My Thoughts On The Article And My Personal Experience With The People Who Are Madonna Fans And Come To This Site About Madonna But Please No Haters On What I Wrote It's So Immature. Would Be Interested In Reader Other People's Stories And Critique On This Article. Oh P.S. Yeah Madonna Is The Queen Of Pop Long Live The Queen But Rock Star Is A Loose Term For Just Anyone Who Is Rich Famous Living It Up. She Did Get Inducted Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame As Well.


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