“Celebration” - David Guetta Feat. Akon

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, October 31, 2009

Here you can listen to the first new official remix, coming out this month. “Celebration” was remixed by David Guetta and features american rapper Akon.

Source: Madonna Fanzine

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  2. Anonymous Said,

    omg, love it! Anyone got a download link?!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Awful indeed.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I think it's good!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Trash! This better not be the direction for the next album.


  6. Anonymous Said,


    This is bloody awful!


  7. Anonymous Said,

    my god - it sucks!


  8. Th0m4s1993 Said,

    I really hope she won't work with Guetta on her next album. + I dislike Akon very much.


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  11. Anonymous Said,

    Much more radio friendly than the original version. I like it.


  12. Anonymous Said,

    I don't like this! I prefer the Felguk Love Remix!


  13. Ma++ Said,

    Awful and transparent attempt at gaining acceptance in an American market. Also, bit late to be releasing a remix of Celebration isn't?


  14. Anonymous Said,

    Well the Felguk Love Remix blows ANY of the Celebration remixes out!

    This one is the worst!

    And to make it more worse, Guetta adds friggin' Akon!

    I am so disappointed with this era!

    I really hope this is not the direction her new album will go.



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  17. Anonymous Said,

    Instead of just saying it's awful I'll say what's wrong with it. First of course is Akon. A repeat of Hard Candy is just the worst thing she could do. Then there's the instrumentation which is pretty weak; with more work it could be a halfway decent mix.


  18. Anonymous Said,

    AMAZING!! i dont know what all of you are talking about. of course her gay fans wouldnt like it because its more hip-hop. im a HUGE fan, and i happen to love her rap/hip-hop/RnB stuff and the dance stuff as well. everything she does is excellent


  19. Anonymous Said,

    This is so embarrasingly awful. Note to Madonna: You're never going to be a credible urban pop act. It's one re-invention too far. So stop trying to satisfy the American mainstream with this lazy, tired and unimaginative shit and quit hanging off the back of younger acts who are far less talented than you. After all, 'you know exactly who you are. The time is right now, you've got to decide, stand in the back or be the star!'

    For Madonna, Guy Oseary and Warners to allow this to happen shows a serious lack of judgement. Where's the quality control. Why is a talentless nobody like Akon even being mentioned in the same breath as Madonna? Can we petition Guy on Twitter? I've been a fan for far too long to watch Madonna flush her career down the toilet. It's time for a fan intervention!


  20. Anonymous Said,

    It's not about gay fans not liking hip-hop. Bedtime Stories was RnB/hip-hop and it was a great album. Madonna is too good to start making American-oriented hip-hop with "popular" hip-hop artists. Unfortunately, all you basically hear in the U.S. as 'pop music' is a bunch of hip-hop songs talking about booty-shaking hoes. The older hip-hop was much better; now it's just garbage.


  21. Anonymous Said,

    Of course it's about the gay fans not liking hip-hop. The ones who have a limited appreciation of music, as many Madonna fans do if the internet is any indication. How else do you explain this bitching when it's STILL a dance track even after this remix? If it sounds urban to you, you need a hearing aid. They think she sold out with Akon, but she did with Britney too. That's what tends to happen when you hook up with the most popular artists around you, hip-hop or not.


  22. Nathan Said,

    I think if Madonna made any kind of R&B music her gay fans would have problems with it. I wonder what they would think if Bedtime Stories (her best album) came out today??

    I agree this remix is not top notch, but I think R&B (and I don't really consider Hard Candy R&B) suits Madonna much more than disco/house music.


  23. frozen_fever Said,

    It's not bad, really... but Akon always screws up the songs he has to be a part of... why couldn't he have left this remix alone and made his own? I like the beats and such, but his annoying voice ruins it every time.


  24. Anonymous Said,

    I dont like the song celebration that much or revolver. Give me Its so cool any day. And dont attack Madonna she didnt make this remix and put akon on it this was done by david guetta so attack him. Anyway I do like this mix instrumentally I think they uped Madonnas vocals on this song which is cool there is more emphasis. Dont make her sound like janet where you cab barely hear her whispering. But yeah I dont like akon. And looking at celebration as a video is great but just hearing the songs its not a very good song nor is revolver. They kinda suck and are lame. Madonna is best when she sings about something real and deep like on its so cool and the music on that I really enjoy. That should have came out as a single not that celebration crap or revolver. Though I know I am so going to get attacked for saying what I just said. But go ahead. Its not really a case of the genre of music but the quality in the lyrics and the music that is being presented. Also how it is sung. Madonna is barely using her voice on this song. She really cant go anywhere with it. And the quality for celebration and revolver sucks. But hey you cant do much with a mediocre song. They practiucally made it sound like it was akons song featuring madonna lol. Someone mentioned the Felguk love remix or w.e. yeah that was good.


  25. CMG Said,

    I am gonna take my chances on saying this and that is: The majority of the 13-20 yr old crowd DOES NOT want to hear a 51 yr old woman talking about some guy, how she don't recognize him with his clothes on, and the whole of Revolver, they DON'T want to hear her singing about her love is a revolver, her sex is a killer...NO THEY DO NOT!!!

    I have a I have chilren 12, 14, and 15 yr olds, and they are completely turned off of this Madonna and this era. They really didn't like Hard Candy, as well.

    This is a group of kids, who knew who Madonna was, the minute they were conceived and would rather much hear the Madonna of Ray Of Light, Music and American Life. Their friends as well. My children and their friends are telling me this stuff.

    I really don't know what to think about this mix, it's plain out awful, but my children and their friends think that as well. Not all teenyboppers are into this R&B, urban stuff.


  26. Anonymous Said,

    Kids listen to crap now-a-days.... If there not liking Madonna, then that's a GOOD thing!
    Most people break out of the times and welcome new trends, new styles, new music, new fads.... And well some people just can't escape there era! Where not in the 80's no more so I suggest you welcome 2000 if not XM and Sirius both have 80's station just for YOU! I Love the New Madonna and me and my friends are all young!


  27. Anonymous Said,

    point is: THIS IS GOOD!!!

    not to stereotype, but have gays forgot about Lady Gaga, who has also worked with Akon. Why is it ok for Gaga to work with Akon and Modonna it isn't ok.

    im a fan, and i think everything she does is good. i love the classics "Into The Groove", the urban "Human Nature", the hiphop/rap "Give It 2 Me", the acoustic/rock "Hollywood" "I Love New York", and the dance "Hung Up" "Celebration".

    PS i DID NOT mean to bring Gaga into this converstaion, as i hate the madonna/gaga comparisons. I LOVE both, but Gaga still has alot of work ahead of her if she wants to be the next queen of pop.


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