Susan Boyle to cover Madonna on her Debut Album

Posted by Sylar On Friday, September 04, 2009

Britain’s Got Talent runner up Susan Boyle has recorded a Madonna cover for her debut album, it’s been reported.

The Scottish starlet, whose singing became a YouTube hit earlier this year, is said to have recorded her own version of ‘You’ll See’ to avenge her past critics.

“Susan chose it herself – it’s a song she has loved for years,” a source told The Sun newspaper.

“She sang it at auditions for TV shows and music contests when she used to be cruelly turned away by people”.

“At the end, when she was sometimes reduced to tears, she used to say, ‘You’ll See’. And she’s proof she can do it now as one of the most famous women in the world.”

Her debut album is due to be released in November.

Source: EntertainmentWise

7 Responses to "Susan Boyle to cover Madonna on her Debut Album"

  1. fitzy0151 Said,

    Oh Dear!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Good for her. :)


  3. Anonymous Said,

    "it's been reported"!
    Where, and by whom?


  4. garyrj Said,

    I thought her 15 minutes had ran out already...


  5. Anonymous Said,

    It was in the Daily Mirror paper. I love the song and think she'll do a great job on it.


  6. madonnalover Said,

    I'm also a huge fan of You'll See! I think she'll do a great job. (well, I HOPE so).


  7. Anonymous Said,

    I'm just glad it wasn't Like a Virgin


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