“Celebration” packages

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, September 17, 2009

2 CD Poster and inside:

1 CD Poster /Booklet (Sides A & B) and inside


2 CD Booklet:

Thanks to truthordare from Madonna Fanzine!

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    I was hoping for lyrics.. oh well


  2. Anonymous Said,

    That would be a hell of a lot of lyrics! I think it's great...! Very vintage and creative.

    Now Warner better start promoting this album. It comes out in less than two weeks and Madonna has no apperances, interviews, radio ads, tv commercials...wtf? And it comes out the same day as Mariah Scarey and Barbara Streisand!


  3. AleJump Said,

    Fantastic! Tottaly upscale! Go Madonna!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    It's indeed a celebration. They even dare to use artwork from forgotten songs like The Look of Love and Dear Jessie. They could make a special edition with a larger booklet with lyrics included. And Warner should release now on a nice price all albuns remastered, then this would be a complete celebration. I love you Madonna. I also want to thank those suckers at Warner, after all they are my major pleasure providers.


  5. Xtian Said,

    I like the design, it's kinda retro. I'll get both versions for sure!


  6. Anonymous Said,

    you can already listen to "It's so Cool"! It's in YouTube!!! Search: Madonna - It's so Cool (Bonus Track)


  7. Anonymous Said,

    This brings the artwork full circle back to the collage on the 12" Single of "Everybody".


  8. Anonymous Said,

    My favorite is the give me a record and ill break it pic lol. I thought that was so cool. I'm only buying the dvd so I am glade I got to see the art work/booklets for the cd. I don't think she needs to advertise her fans know its coming out and people who arent fans well I doubt many none fans would buy this. I know it has all the hits and people who never heard a album might like it but still it's like if you dont know then you dont deserve one lol.


  9. I bought the SINGAPORE edition of the double-CD today. I am rather disappointed with the pressing and sound quality, which, I think is largely the fault of WEA Singapore and the pressing plant. The mixing of the sounds across the different tracks is inconsistent - with some tracks having an overloaded bass! The mini poster included in the jewel case is different from the two shown here. It is the one that is same as the CD cover.

    BTW there are errors on the last 2 credits page:
    1) for La Isla Bonita, William Orbit was listed as a Producer, in addition to Madonna and Patrick Leonard!
    2) for Papa Don't Preach, no credit was given to the Producers!
    3) for Cherish - there is a letter 't' after Patrick Leonard!


    One GOOD thing about this compilation is that the version for CHERISH is the 7" edit version!

    Chwee (Singapore)


  10. Anonymous Said,

    Very beautiful!!!!!!!!!! I like it)))))


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