“Celebration” limited European promo set

Posted by Sylar On Friday, September 25, 2009
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Thanks to londonfan30 from Madonna Fanzine!

24 Responses to "“Celebration” limited European promo set"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    OMG!!! I Want It! Wonderful limited edition! Wow, wow, wow :-)))))))))))))


  2. Franck Said,

    I want to buy it !

    How much does it cost ??


  3. Anonymous Said,



  4. mashusan Said,

    I WANT IT!!!! GIVE IT 2 ME!


  5. Dan Said,

    omg, where can i order one of these?


  6. Glitter Thug Said,

    Does anyone know if this is gonna be available for the general public or is it just gunna stay as a promo?


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Commercial release or promo?! Did anyone hear if there will be a vynil version of Celebration (The album)???


  8. Anonymous Said,

    Again something amazing of Madonna only given probably to the europeans it just gets more fucked up everyday. I am an american and so is Madonna she may be italian but she was born and raised in detroit fucking michigan. So I am getting a little tired and annoyed with them getting all the good stuff/more elaborate spectacles and we get the lamer stuff. Just wrong to me wrong. Dosent any other american feel the same. Come on let our voices be heard. EXPRESS YOURSELF!


  9. Anonymous Said,

    This is amazing, i would do anything (or anybody) to get my hands on this! Brendan


  10. Anonymous Said,

    I agree, why do americans always get the short end of the stick, we get everything later, and the lamest versions of most albums....japan and australia seem to get all the good stuff....then if we do get it on ebay, there is the region code problem.


  11. Anonymous Said,

    OI its not jut you American's that don't get shit. We get snubbed for tours also!... I'll probably just pay a shit load of money for that and import it to Australia if possible... seeing its only a Promo...probably hard to get :P hhehe


  12. Anonymous Said,

    American! And I want that shit too! It will probably remain just a promo item for someone to pay ridiculous amounts of money to own.


  13. Anonymous Said,

    I did once feel for Americans, but let's face it. America treats Madonna like shit! They don't play her songs on the radio, they don't like playing her video's [MTV], they don't buy her albums. American's are youth obsessed. Thanks to Europeans & the rest of the world Madonna is still here, if it was left to america she would have been over in 2003. All because she Expressed Herself......


  14. Anonymous Said,

    i wanna it!


  15. Anonymous Said,

    Americans expressing themselves that's a good start. Why don't you start a revolution? Make an internet petiton, that you love her and want her played on radios. Since the Bushit era that's she´s been boycotted in USA. Don't blame it on Madonna, blame it on Warner, they are totatty incompetent. No one would dare to think that she would be the ruling queen for so long... except me of course. I'll still go to see her when she'll be 90, doing her "trying hard singing softly world tour 2048" Ah Ah, Got you!!!!


  16. JloNash Said,

    OMG I would kill people for that!!!!


  17. Anonymous Said,

    Im American and i agree its Warners fault for not promoting her after the 80s, they hardly play her on the radio anymore, its kinda odd because you would think if they actually promoted her like they do kelly clarkson people would actually spend more money on her records, dont they realize that? im glad shes leaving Warner with a bang....


  18. Anonymous Said,

    oh and for the person who said Americans are youth obsessed......don't forget Madonna is American and a bit youth obsessed....and you are a fan of her? so i wouldn't just lump us all like that. Some of us are Europeans trapped in American bodies.


  19. Anonymous Said,

    My belief is that another country shouldnt get better things from an artist not from that country. Like Madonna is an american artist so they will get the better albums, tours etc. etc. and if someone was from europe europe will get the better albums tours etc. Its ridiculous that another country gets better things from an artist that isnt even from there while the artists country gets lamer stuff. Its crazy. Insane and unfair.


  20. Jessie Said,

    calm down guys... i believe it's a promo only. hmv hk is giving it out as one of the prizes of it's 15th anniversary lucky draw and the box set isn't even available for sale on the hmv website


  21. Anonymous Said,

    omg, stop complaining. we live in a global village... doesn't matter if you are American. you can get stuff from Europe if you want.and it's only promo, not for sale.


  22. Anonymous Said,

    I Have been a Fan of Madonna's for 24 years and live in Australia, Because I have been a Fan for so long, I have a love hate relationship with her,
    I get a bit sick and tied of trying too purchace her things and stay a strong fan,
    as it Cost me so much money to get things from overseas. And she already has a nice retirement stack! and mine is looking grim,
    She has never been to Western Australia,
    But I can say one thing thou, P!NK has and she Rocks, Thanks for including us down under P!NK, She is one I can say, is dedicated to her Fans,


  23. Anonymous Said,

    I live in America - in Detroit, where she is from and I COMPLETELY agree with the statement above. I have a love/hate relationship with her as well. I am sick of purchasing things from overseas (especially Europe) and spending a ton of money. I just saw Kylie in concert in Toronto and my dedication to Madonna is starting to fade. Kylie can hit notes Madonna would never dream of. More important - Kylie addresses her fans and makes them feel welcomed. I wish I could say that for Madonna. Unfortunately, the only thing on her mind is the money.


  24. Anonymous Said,

    Hiya's I am an Aussie Competition Winner of this Madonna Celebration Promo CD & DVD Box Set, along with the Vinyl Picture Disk, T-Shirt & a Back Catalogue of all New & Digital Recordings of 14 CD's/DVDs. I have listed mine as a bundle for sale on ebay Australia type in my item # 230418823544 & hit search the search button to find it. It's currently $410AU which converts to Approx. $359US & ends in 4 days & 12 hrs. I'm a mum & like every family post Xmas I am in need of the extra cash!
    Kind regards, Wendy


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